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Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith: 'I'll serve my time'

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Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith didn't want to talk about what went on during his disciplinary hearing with NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan. Nor did he want to detail any of the circumstances leading up to it.

What's done is done to Keith, and he'll his serve his time.

"I know they have a tough job," Keith said Saturday, a day after getting suspended five games for elbowing Canucks forward Daniel Sedin in the face.

"Brendan does a good job at what he does. I respect it and I'll serve the five games and be looking forward to getting back."

Keith declined to talk about Sedin's high hit on him prior to his elbow or discuss whether his clean record helped his case. He just wants to move on.

"I'm not going to sit here and question things or wonder how they came to their decision," Keith said. "I respect what they decided was fair, and I'll serve my time."

Keith isn't eligible to return until April 5 against the Minnesota Wild. Shanahan took a lot of things into consideration, including Keith's history, Sedin's hit on him prior to Keith's elbow and Sedin's injury status. Sedin is out indefinitely with a concussion.

"Regardless of Keith's assertion that the intent on this play was to impede Sedin's progress as opposed to a retaliation for an earlier hit, Keith's hit was still dangerous, reckless and caused injury," Shanahan said in his video explanation. "We've also taken into consideration Keith's supplemental discipline record, which includes no suspensions and one fine over nearly seven NHL seasons."

Keith did say it's different having to sit out for so long when he's not injured, but he's trying to focus on any positives, like rest.

"You want to keep sharp," Keith said. "You want to keep in game shape. You know I'll do that and I guess use this break during the suspension as best I can.

"I'm going to use it as best I can to get as much rest [as I can] ... Hopefully, I can try to use it to my advantage."

His suspension still puts the Hawks in a tough bind at a crucial point in the season. The Hawks have home-ice in their sights because of an impressive 13-4-1 run. Veteran Sean O'Donnell will return to the lineup after last playing on Feb. 26.

"We've been playing great and have guys that have really stepped up their games. Guys like Dylan Olsen and [Andrew] Shaw, they've played really some big roles for us," Keith said. "Obviously, Johnny Oduya coming in has really helped solidify our defense. I think he's been huge."

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bye loser

I'm stunned at the fact that Keith was given the maximum 5 game suspension for the hit on Sedin! My only question is,why Keith's record didn't stand for something, good or bad, I mean he's a stand up hockey player unafraid to take and receive the hits, something just isn't right about this...the man has been in the NHL for close to 7 years and only one previous incident, which resulted in a fine, was the only blemish. But Shanahan felt that special circumstances, the rumor that Keith warned one of the Sedins that he'd, 'get them', was enough to levy a 5 game, no pay suspension, that's a cool six figure hit, somewheres near the $150,000 mark. One thing is for certain, this is the most expensive hit in Keith's career. Is the fact of the matter that Sedin, one of the top players in the NHL, played an enormous factor in figuring out Keith's punishment!!?? If it was just some average player, a rookie getting a chance or a veteran on his way out??? Let's just say that things most likely would've played out differently! It's over and done with, and if the Hawks have the chance to go up against "Super Mario" and the Sedin Twins, another chapter will be written, this rivalry is only getting hotter the further the playoffs go!! GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!

What a croc. Keiths hit was bs. There was every intent to injure. Doesn't matter who he hit, there's no place for that. Sedins hit was questionable but he has a clean record to so how can you justify what keith did in retaliation. If everyone's saying Sedins hit may have crossed a line, than Duncan Keith's hit did for sure because he went one step further.

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