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Daniel Carcillo's seven-game suspension begins in Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA -- Regardless if he's hurt or not, Daniel Carcillo's seven-game suspension apparently starts Thursday night in Philadelphia.

"We believe it starts [Thursday night]," Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville said.

The Hawks remain mum on the extent of Carcillo's injury. He hurt his left knee when he propelled Oilers defenseman Tom Gilbert hard into the end boards on Monday, the same play that got him suspended.

Gilbert bounced off the boards and fell directly on Carcillo's left leg. The Oilers didn't have a chance to respond to the hit as Carcillo lay on the ice, holding his left leg in obvious pain. Carcillo, who recently missed six games with a concussion, was helped off the ice by John Scott and Jamal Mayers.

When asked, Quenneville didn't rule out surgery or that it's a long-term injury for Carcillo.

"We're still talking about the process," Quenneville said Thursday.

As far as his suspension, Quenneville said "that's the way it is" for Carcillo, who has now been suspended or fined 10 times in his career.

"His track record didn't probably help him at all or the fact that the guy got hurt," Quenneville said. "I think there is a fine line that he's going to have to watch and we're going to have to be aware of as well. He plays hard. We'll deal with it."

Quenneville said the Hawks understood the risks involved with signing a player with Carcillo's suspension history.

"We were looking for some guys to bring us some energy, to bring us some toughness and a presence," Quenneville said. "Danny did all that. The one thing that you've got to appreciate is that he plays hard and he's doing everything for his teammates and his team.

"We knew going in that careless penalties or needless penalties are things we're trying to guard against. We do have some understanding that that can happen. [It's] finding that balance, and I think for the most part, he's found that balance."

Quenneville watched NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan's video explanation of Carcillo's hit on Gilbert. Shanahan said the onus is on Carcillo "to avoid or minimize contact" and that he "finishes high and hard with his hands, using the boards as a weapon."

"I'm not arguing," Quenneville said.

According to the NHL, Carcillo will miss the following games: Jan. 5 at Philadelphia, Jan. 6 vs. Colorado, Jan. 8 vs. Detroit, Jan. 10 vs. Columbus, Jan. 12 vs. Minnesota, Jan. 14 at Detroit and Jan. 15 vs. San Jose. He will be eligible to return Jan. 18 vs. Buffalo.

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The suspension starts tonight? Ridiculous - he serves his suspension while he is injured? What the hell is wrong with this league? They speak stricter discipline then pull a move like this. This guy should be suspended for the rest of the season before he permanently injures some one. In fact, I would argue for a lifetime suspension. This jerk should not be allowed to receive a salary while threatening the careers of others. And, if the Blackhawks roll with this, shame on them. He has already put a nasty smudge on the reputation of the Hawks, but their decision to not impose a harsher penalty on him is a sad testament to what was again becoming a distinguished franchise.

You sound upset. Why don't you make yourself feel better by treating yourself to a nice skirt. Its a contact sport! As for the "reputation of the Blackhawks" before this current team began to form, their rep for years was that they couldn't fight and were easily intimidated. You must have been so proud! If you don't like the fact that they now have a few players to counter such tactics, go watch golf. Regarding the suspension, it was a light shove on a player who had abruptly lost his balance an instant before. I've seen worse intent with people pushing shopping carts at Walmart.

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