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Jonathan Toews on his accidental check on a kid

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Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews knew word of him accidentally knocking over a young hockey player on the ice at a camp in Canada had spread when the texts from his friends kept pouring in.

What he didn't completely know was that video of it went viral. First, here's the video:

Here's our short exchange about his infamous "check" during media day Friday at the United Center:

Me: Did you see that video of yourself running into that kid?

Toews: Yeah [laughter]. He's OK, just so you guys know. He shook it off. It took a while.

Toews: Where did you see that is my question?

Me: It's all over the internet.

Toews: Oh, geez. ... I thought it was funny. [I got ] a million texts, more than anything else that my buddies had ever seen on the internet. They were like, 'Wow, did you learn how to hit over the offseason or something?'

Nah, he's OK. We were kind of playing a little game of keep away. A kid turned one way and I must have looked away or something and he cut back in. I absolutely had no time to get out of the way. I kind of ran him over. It was ugly.

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He must of took some hitting lessons from Willie Mitchel after he got leveled.

Yes he did, he traded them for lessons on how to lift the Cup. Unfortunately for Mitchell, he did not get to practice this summer.

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