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Video: Raffi Torres takes out Brent Seabrook

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We're gonna sweep you :)
Go Canucks Go!

Yeah, you're going to sweep us. Well, I guess if you are the kind of person who likes having a beautiful sophisticated global city with a vibrant center near dozens of islands, ocean beaches, ski mountains, incredible scenery, nice people, abundant wildlife, a mild climate, low crime rate, and a great hockey team...well, I guess you are pretty full of yourselves right now.

But remember...we stilll have an undeniable advantage in sausages.

(Also, Raffi Torres is a freaking goon. I don't recall the Hawks doing anything quite as disgusting last year on our way to the Cup. And don't get too excited didn't beat that championship team; at best, you beat the half of it that remains.)

canucks suck

Sweep this, you putz

Chicago, happy golfing!

poor hawk babies, just one more thing to cry about. bad winners & sore losers. Ringette anyone?

Vancouver can't skate with the hawks. They have to play outside the rules by roughing, charging and interfering. Once the spotlight was on them after the Torres cheap shot the refs started calling penalties on them forcing them to play within the rules. Result-Hawks win 7-2. The canucks have two good lines and two thug lines. A good goalie with solid but slow defenders. With Bolland the hawks have three lines and a lot more skill on the roster. Vancouver is done unless the refs swallow their whistles and let them play outside the rules. Vancouver has been unmasked as a very flawed team.

The Canucks will show why they are no 1 seed in the next game

Looks like you canoooooks have to go back to sister humping and fish raping, Hawks in seven and Luongo eating steel barrel!!!!!!

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