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Video: Canucks fans burn Blackhawks jersey after Game 7 win

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Please be advised: There is profane language in the video.

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My appologies to the Blackhawks and their fans...I am Canadian and a British Columbian...You played hard and did an awesome job. To have our Canuck fans show such disrespect, unsportsmanship POOR winner attitudes makes me sad and embarassed ..sincre appologies!

I agree, I am also from BC and that is just retarded. The only funny part is the dummy burning it probably paid good money for it!

I am so incredibly embarassed to call these losers fellow Canuck fans. To the blackhawks and their fans; this is NOT how we celebrate and is a true embarassement.
I was at that game and yes did partake in the hooting and horn honking that follows such an exciting history making game; however I just can not believe this terrible display of poor sportsmanship.
Just like Kamloopsian. I too apologize for this terrible behaviour. I don't even have words to convey how terrible I feel about this.

Like kamloopsian said... Our sincere apologies for our very distasteful fans that have no value of respect or honor. Please don't allow this to reflect all canuck fans or British Columbian's as we do have honor and respect. We respect all blackhawk players and fans as well as the general mankind. Blackhawks did an amazing job... It was the best hockey game I have ever seen in my life game 7!!! Way to go blackhawks! You did very well as did the canucks. So I would like to apologize and humbly applaud you for your efforts and amazing sportsmanship!!!
Thank you

No Class! Remember, Karma will come around and bite you Canuck fans in the rear!!!

As a 40 year season ticket holder in Chicago, I appreciate your apologies. I love hockey and I have great pleasure in watching great hockey regardless of the teams playing. I have traveled across Canada and watched hockey just about everywhere. This year the Canucks were better and deserved the win. I felt my team stepped up and played very well also. Congratulations to Vancouver and I hope you go all the way to the Cup. A real hockey fan would cherish a Jersey from any team and would do nothing to besmirch the emblem of any team. Unfortunately not all those who attend the games are true hockey fans.

I am new to Canada and hockey (just started to watch this season), and I was very impressed by the comments from the real hocky fans here. This is true sports, true fans, true love to hockey. Also, I do believe that lots of people in vancouver are not real hockey fans, they just need to find an excuse to drink.

Blackhawk/Canuck matches are usually hockey games at their best. Top flight offensive magic. There's usually bad apples in every group of fans. I hope our teams meet up again in the 2012 playoffs. It'll rock

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