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Bryan Bickell takes out Canucks' Kevin Bieksa

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A cheap shot by Bickell - He should be suspended indefinitely.

That looked exactly like a hit I saw recently....

Oh yeah, the one by Raffi Torres...

...Who wasn't suspended

Exact same hit as Torres on Seabrook, but with less elbow, and Bieksa played the puck. Stupid nucks can dish it but they can't take it back.

Clean hit for sure. Bickell landed with his shoulder as Torres did it with his elbow.

as always, just like the hair pulling sissy fighting Burrows from two years ago, the Canucks fan love it when their players dirty up the ice and take out a skater who wasn't even involved in the play...but mess with one of their back biting sissies and the world turns upside down...go back and get your green idiots by the penalty box and wait for the inevitable Canucks fold...oh, and tell Bieksa if he can dish out the hits he should be able to take them too

Clean hit by Bicks, Shoulder to Shoulder.. Bieksa should not even be playing. In previous hits to Bieksa, he looked like he was woozy..Hopefully his wooziness causes him to make mistakes, and the hawks score on his mistakes.

Yo the DIFFERENCE is and maybe for all of you presumed hockey fans don't know the DIFFERENCE:

Bieksa was in POSSESSION of the puck whereas Seabrook NEVER HAD POSSESSION.

See until you understand the reason for checking is to "Separate the man from the puck" then the Raffi Torres garbage, junk, pathetic excuse for given a chance to play in the NHL, so called hit will always be a clean hit but maybe that's what incompetents like Colin Campbell will NEVER get!

Hey YO a little hockey 101 for you, Colin Campbell and all of you who don't understand the premise of a check in hockey........are you ready.......yes it is extremely is to separate the man from the puck. And said man should have possession of the puck and possession takes many forms, on the stick, control with your skates, knocking it down with your body or glove, etc. etc.

So this is what you, those who thought the Torres hit was clean including incompetent & clueless Colin Campbell, can't seem to distinguish is that Beiksa had POSSESSION of the puck and even more so on his stick whereas Seabrook NEVER had POSSESSION. And if Torres blew up Seabrook if Torres was going for the puck and Seabrook got blown up because of it then so be it but without question the Torres hit was 100% illegal and Colin Campbell can defend it all he wants but he was wrong. So if you can't distinguish the difference then watch another sport please.

Nope, he was in the hitting area see rule 38

Stop with the revisionist history that Torres used his elbow on Seabrook. If we want to debate headshot or not fair enough. But it was all shoulder.

Bickell did lead more with his elbow and contact was made with his upper arm just below shoulder. 99.99% of the time that is an elbowing penalty.

Yo idjits they had the puck or were about to touch it in a millisecond. Same play, same hit and both were fine. Only one got called. tuff -- stuff happens.
Best team won, suck it losers

some of these comments are truly moronic and lack objectivity. Both hits were headshots - intentional or otherwise.

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