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Brent Seabrook out, Dave Bolland in for the Blackhawks

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Brent Seabrook's status for Game 4 Tuesday night went from "likely" to "out" for the Blackhawks as he continues to recover from the head-high hit he endured from Canucks trouble-maker Raffi Torres.

"He's day-to-day," coach Joel Quenneville said of Seabrook.

The Hawks will be getting Dave Bolland (concussion) back in the lineup for the first time since March 9. But the loss of Seabrook looms large for the Hawks.

Seabrook has been their most physical defenseman all season. He handles the point on the power play and is a clog on the penalty kill.

"Over the course of the last couple days, we were evaluating him," Quenneville said. "Getting to see this morning how things presented, we were hopeful that he was playing [Tuesday night]. We made our decision [Tuesday] morning."

Seabrook was hit in the head by Torres -- a play the NHL ruled was a legal play -- at 12:14 in the second period of Game 3. He didn't leave the game immediately. But Torres struck again later in the period after he served an interference penalty. Seabrook didn't finish the period, but returned in the third period.

"He hit the head first," Seabrook said Monday. "As far as I'm concerned, that's the first thing I felt. It was the only thing I felt. The rest of my body is feeling the rest of it today. Last night, all I could really feel [was it] in my ear. The way it looked to me, the head was hit first. Whether he was targeting it or not, he made contact with the head first."

There are questions whether Seabrook should have sat out the rest of Game 3 and not returned for the third period. But Seabrook insisted on playing and he was evaluated by the Hawks' medical staff.

"It's the playoffs. I want to play," Seabrook said.

There will be lineup changes with Seabrook out and it looks like tough guy John Scott is the top option. Brian Campbell and Chris Campoli will likely see their minutes increase.

"We'll share some minutes and some responsibilities," Quenneville said.

Torres wasn't suspended by the league for the hit, which surprised and disappointed Seabrook and his teammates.

"This hit meets none of the criteria that would subject Torres to supplemental discipline, including an application of Rule 48: he did not charge his opponent or leave his feet to deliver this check," NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell said. "He did not deliver an elbow or extended forearm and this hit was not 'late'."

Torres was playing in his first game since getting suspended four games for elbowing the Edmonton Oilers' Jordan Eberle in the head. He is yet to speak to the media regarding the hit or the lack of a suspension.

"Just focusing on the game [Tuesday night]. That's about it," Torres said as he walked past the media waiting in the Canucks locker room for him before Game 4.

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I don't understand the blackhawks. They let one of their top guys play after Torres' hit and now he's apparently concussed. And now they're bringing back one of their other recently concussed top guys who has only just been cleared for light contact that hasn't played a game in a month into a series that has seen the canucks hitting anything that moves.

Desperation. It's telling that guys take less money to play for the Canucks and the Hawks can only hold onto a few top tier guys.

Not sure it would make much of a difference if he was playing---yes he's had a few hits these games, but much like his entire season, he's nowhere near the D man he was the previous years---yet has been rewarded with a HUGE salary contract, like they all have, inlcuding front office, Coaching staff. After this years performance I wouldnt give hardly any of them a raise.

Have a nice early start to summer Seabs---rest up and hopefully you'll earn your greedy contract for next season.

Little Bowman should be fired for this TEams performance---my gosh they ran Talon out of town and the team he built won a Cup. McDonut is playing favorites---little Bowman and daddy Bowman, both of whom have turned in a dismal performance this year with the player selection they did.

Please dont win tonight and prolong this miserable season. End it now.

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