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Video: Who is the Blackhawks' mystery chirper?

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BOSTON -- So who was it? All the usual suspects are long gone. Adam Burish, Ben Eager, Dustin Byfuglien, Colin Fraser and Kris Versteeg are all chirping for other teams now.

But someone said something from the Blackhawks bench that clearly upset Boston Bruins tough guy Shawn Thornton when he was leaving the ice Tuesday after cutting his face open on Fernando Pisani's skate early in the second period.

And Thornton -- who needed around 40 stitches to repair the gash on his forehead -- definitely wants to know who it was.

"Yeah, something was said," Thornton said. "Obviously, I can't swear when I talk to you guys [in the media]. There was some stuff said that I am not happy about. I am going to find out who it was and I will deal with it in my own way."

Moments after Thornton left, giant-sized Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara had a few words with winger Patrick Kane on the ice.

But the source of the words directed at Thornton are still a mystery.

"[Referee Don Van Massenhoven] heard it and he was pissed," Thornton said. "He didn't know who it was either. He actually yelled at their bench, 'I appreciate it.'

"Those guys on their team chirp a lot. I don't know if it is right when someone's face is half across the other side of their face. But it is a tough game and people have to live with their actions. If you guys ever find out who it is don't be afraid to send me a Christmas card."

Here's a video of the whole thing, starting with Thornton's great scoring chance that was turned away by Corey Crawford:

Thornton isn't the first player to hear from the Hawks after an injury, either. The Calgary Flames' Brendan Morrison said he was taunted by the Hawks on March 2. He hurt his left knee when he was hit by Niklas Hjalmarsson and heard from the Hawks when he made it slowly off the ice.

"What was a little disappointing was coming off and guys from the Chicago bench being a little disrespectful," Morrison told the Calgary Herald earlier this month. "That was uncalled for. But you do what you do and try and get off the ice. I don't know if they understood what was going on but some young guys on their team were standing up and yelling. I don't think it's very professional. But they'll learn.''

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Its real tough to yell something anonymously to someone like Thorton skating off the ice with his face sliced wide open.



who? chara? for finding the smallest guy on the hawks to threaten?

or the mouthiest...

When you got a bunch of guys who have been readying themselves for some early golf this year, to make up for all the time they missed last year, they tend to get chirrpy that way---they wont talk tough on the ice, nor give you a solid hit during the play, but skate by them on the bench while you cant even see from the blood in your eye, and suddenly you got tough guys...nice leadership there Toews and Q. No wonder neither of you can figure out how to keep this bunch on an even steady state keel throughout a whole season--up, down, up, down...horrible leadership. Now you all have to play with your heads up, especially the Stars---someones going to get paid back big time and of chirps during an injury travel fast among the ranks of the NHL.

Chara should have blasted Toews to the next Century when he went up to him. Toews, get control of your teammates. Coach Q- this isnt the Hartford days, get with the current state. Another overpaid overhyped Hawk. The core of this team is terrible. They might do ok on individual stats from time to time---teamwise, forget it.

Bad things happen to those who chirp....

hawks would do well to rise above this reputation

That said, and it's no rationalization but one has to wonder if the comments to Thornton might have been related to the (missed by the refs knee on knee he delivered to Hammer earlier in the game.

Just sayin......

Hawks are 'chirpy'? Chara and the Bruins are a 'clean' team? Let's see, Thornton earlier in the first obviously was lining up Hjalmarsson in the Hawks zone, he deked and Thornton stuck his leg out, inflicting an obvious and dangerous knee-to-knee hit, requiring Hjalmarsson to be helped off the ice. But, obviously, as a Bruins fan, your team can do no wrong with the dirtiest player around, Chara, inflicting punishment at will. He drives Pacioretty 'accidentally' into the separating glass and puts him out for the year, but that was 'clean', folks, cuz he says he didn't mean it. And earlier in the season, after the Canadiens came back from a 2-0 deficit late in the third to tie the game up and then win in OT (Chara being on the ice for 2 of those late goals) he attacks a Canadien player after the goal, then goes after more, has to be restrained by the officials TWICE, warned by the referee before he goes off the ice still arguing and chirping, and no suspensions are awarded in either case. Yeah, the Hawks are the ones who are wrong here. Always the little halo effect for you guys, ain't it?

Wow, only the Hawks are mouthy...I'm sure Thornton was nice enough to apologize to Hammer for trying to take his knee out in the 1st...Reportedly Thornton said, 'Oops'.
And Chara...Tough guy. Giving BIG PAT Kane the business..Tell ya what..Next time we'll dress Scott and see how much Lurch has to say...

Chara inflicting punishment at will? Are you a hockey fan? Chara wasnt suspended for his hit...was he?

Pacioretty isnt out for the year. And as you say, earlier in the season, Chara attacks a Habs player??? You have NO CLUE what you are talking about. Pacioretty bumped Chara after the game winning goal to start the whole thing genius.

No one is saying there is a "halo effect".

Face it, Hawks are cowards. And yes, the Hawks are the ones who are wrong here Einstein.

Why wouldnt the one who said something stand up like a man and admit it was them? Why? Ill tell ya why. Because they are spineliess.

Gimme a break, sticks and stones already! While I believe players should respect eachother, but this is gamesmanship and just trying to get under the skin of an opponent-not a first for hockey or many other sports. This is the problem with everyone these days--too damn sensitive. I am personally sick of all of the PC crap we have to put up with--it is why we have totally "softened" as a society. Good point "Hawks in Canada", everyone jumps to Thorton's defense but forgets his slew foot on Hjalmersson. The game polices itself and people usually get what's coming to them (it's called Karma) if they've really wronged someone which this isn't the case. It was a quick reaction in the heat of the moment by perhaps a younger guy on the team(etc, etc) who was trying to win. A coward is someone who would have come in behind a guy on a play and blindsides them or takes a random poke at them from the bench. Quenneville is a solid classy and successful coach who doesn't deserve to be challenged here. As far as Toews is concerned, there maybe no better a team captain in the league--not to mention player! He is the essence of hockey and is the utmost professional, questioning him is pure idiocy. Some here must not even watch hockey but want a soapbox to rip those that play to feel self important. Silliness! Sounds like many here in this blog were bullied on their schoolgrounds as children and never got over it, to that I say grow up. For the record-the Bertuzzi hit while high--DIDN'T deserve any suspension, legal hit that had a poor set of circumstances result in a match penalty. Objectivity folks!

Objectivity? Hopefully the Neurologist who does Johnsons Brain Scan will have Objectivity when he explains to him, an unexpected elbow to his head may cost him his memory and life in another decade or two. Bertuzzi knew exactly what he was doing, when he did it, and to whom he did it too. This isnt his first time at the rodeo. Keep suspending all of them until they get it right. Old time hockey? Ask Reggie Fleming and Bob Probert about old time hockey.

"Another overpaid overhyped Hawk. The core of this team is terrible. "

That "overpaid, terrible" core won a Cup last year and has helped the Hawks to the 2nd-best goal differential in the West.

Bagwhan, you are clueless.

Cam, they're in 8th place as of this writing. Dont tell us of past exploits dude. Anybody can read the papers. The overpaid reference was to Q, but now that you bring it up, that Core is overpaid too. Look where Phoenix is, then check their payroll. Its embarrassing is what it is.

Anyone Want to buy my tickets for the Blues game on the 6th? ...I cant take this stuff anymore...will sell just near face value.

I can practically guarantee the "chirping" was almost word-for-word "Karma's a bitch Jackass" for Thornton sticking his leg out on Hammer early in the game.

Anyone who has played sports knows that $*!@% talking is part of the game. The Hawks are a target this year due to that little ol' STANLEY CUP BANNER hanging at the UC!! The Hawks core is fine people.. they got alot younger too quickly on the 3/4 lines. Considering the already young age of the core.. they have done pretty well. Odds are good we wont survive the first round.. but we now have our starting goalie for the next 4-6 years in the fold. Toews will only get better... and the D core is locked up. Plus you have Morin and several other good players sitting in Rockford. I do think we need a few more hitters on that 4th line.. One person I would trade is Kane.. Hes gifted scoring wise.. but shows no interest in back checking or hustling after odd man breaks. You could get 2 very solid top 6 guys in return for him. If I had to make a move to create salary relief and bolster the team... that would be it. Toews is the man.. Sharp can easily be a 40 goal man.. we have the makings of a dynasty.. just need a couple of moves.. bottom line people.. enjoy the cup victory.. cheer them on.. and know they are still a bunch of very young guys..

Love the idiots...

"Anyone Want to buy my tickets for the Blues game on the 6th? ...I cant take this stuff anymore...will sell just near face value. "

-see ya later you one likes you at games anyways.

"Face it, Hawks are cowards. And yes, the Hawks are the ones who are wrong here Einstein. Why wouldnt the one who said something stand up like a man and admit it was them? Why? Ill tell ya why. Because they are spineliess."

-Spineless? Beacuse they have to "answer" to 4th liner/hack Thornton on someone saying something? Why do they owe him...or you something? Crybaby cant take a taunt? Little Thornton need a tissue cause someone was teasing him? Shawn needs his mommie or daddie to come yell at the bad men saying things about him?

It takes a real man like Thornton to cry like a little girl to the media when "Soneone hurt my feelings!!"

Go watch Barney the Dinasour play with his purple self if you or him cant take it.


Cam you got it right on Bagwhan IS clueless and may as well sell his bandwagon seats. "Brainscans" and "costing him his life"--all of this hype is perpetuated by all of these fairweather at best fans who really have no clue about the game and want to have their opinion heard (Air Canada, Canadiens fans, Via Rail) it is leading to huge over reactions. This is a contact sport and there are assumed risks at just about every level. Totally ridiculous people are coming out of the wood work winding up the anxiety and over reaction bit everywhere. The only problem I have with the Hawks is I believe they should have learned the taste of a bitter playoff defeat before winning the cup--they were not as mature as a team as I would have liked. What I mean is, at times they think with swagger and skill that entitles them at another shot at the cup. Unfortunately they have learned hard work and heart go a long way. I am thrilled they won but the inconsistent play drives me nuts and it's just their age/maturity. They have a very good core(one that any team would love) and many up and comers to be good for years to come. I don't think they get out of the first round this year but one can hope....
...and Jag-BAGwhan, what is your point bringing up Bobbie and Reg?? I met Bob with Tie actually and he was a pretty with it cat who would undoubtedly agree. Not to mention I know Reg very well for 20 years--what would you "aks them about old time hockey"??

I'd rather have a chirpy team than a chippy team any day! Oh yea--1990 I would trade Kane as well if it came down to it--Sharpie is a MUCH better all around player. Kane. Thats smart. Sharp wasn't anything until Kane showed up. Some other Kane stats?

The Blackhawks are 16-1-2 this year when KANE records a multi-point game. Over the course of his four-year NHL career, the team is 58-8-10 on nights he registers a multi-point effort.

KANE has registered 67 points (25G, 42A) in 66 games this season. He is one of just 14 point-per-game players in the NHL this year(min. 2 games played).

KANE is now one of just five NHL players (Ovechkin, Perry, D. Sedin, St. Louis) to register at least 25 goals and 40 assists in each ofthe last three seasons.

The 22-year old KANE has recorded 297 points (101G, 196A) in 310 career regular-season games. Over the last 20 years, only sevenplayers in the NHL have posted more points before turning 23 (Crosby, Jagr, Lindros, Sundin, Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk). KANE will turn 23 on Nov. 19.

So yeah...I'd trade Kane. Smart.

Toews may make the "team" go with his attitude/drive

Kane is the teams offense. Not Sharp. Sharp before Kane got there -
195gms - 39g - 44a - 83pts - -13

Kane arrives....
294gms - 121g - 119a - 240pts - +51

Kane is the best passer on the team - one of the best in the leage. Just think how much better he'll be at 23....let alone 29 (Sharp's age)

It was an opinion.... bottom line.. Kane shows no interest in back checking. Thats all I said.. this team is still very tight cap wise... Sharp plays all special teams.. Kane on the PK???? huh.. oh no he doesnt.. You are going to see another trade in the off season...

Kane's goal vs NASH in the playoffs last year was a shorty.

I guess he wasnt backchecking in the OLY vs Crosby on his partial breakaway... Kane caught him on.

Has Sharp ever averaged a PPG??? huh..oh no, he doesnt.

You wont see any trades of the core - and if so, it would be Sharp before Kane.

Just facts...bottom line facts.

It was obvous to anyone who knows hockey at all, that Thorton was not seriously hurt. Injuries to the throat or eye is an entirely different matter. While the cut was completely accidental it was good to see that he got repayed for his deliberate knee on Hammer which could have been career shortening. I was smiling when I saw who it was that was cut and I expect the Chicago bench reacted the same way for the same reason. If Thorton wants to pursue this any further I hear that Scott will be happy to oblige.

Yeah...he doesnt backcheck. Or play the PK.

Who was that player Q put out vs NASH when they were shorthanded in the playoffs last a must win/need a goal situation.....Kane or Sharp? Pretty sure it was Kane shorthanded

And in the Olypics...when Crosby had a breakaway...who was it that pressured/caught him from behind to force a bad shot....was that Kane too?

Has Sharp ever been around a PPG? huh...nope...never. Which one of those players is 22 and which one 29? Where was Sharp at 22......or even 26? How good/complete of a player was he then?

But yeah...good opinion....move Kane if someone needs to be moved - which no one from the core group does, if you followed the cap and saw all the moves they made last season.

I have it on good authority that it was Kopecky. He is a little beeeaaaach. But Thornton deserves it for going after Jammer.

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