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GM Stan Bowman: Blackhawks looking for d-man, Seabrook to stay

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DALLAS -- Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman made it clear again. He's looking to add a penalty-killing defenseman to the Hawks mix -- and he's not trading Brent Seabrook.

"We're trying to sign Seabrook and we've been trying to sign him for a while," Bowman said Friday before the Hawks faced the Dallas Stars. "It's going along amicably. We haven't gotten it done yet, but we've had different ideas back and forth."

Bowman maintained that Seabrook, who is in the last year of his second contract with the Hawks, will be part of the Hawks past the Feb. 28 trade deadline.

"He's absolutely on this team," Bowman said. "He's a big part of our group. None of that has changed. Brent has been a big reason we've gotten to where we're at. He's going to continue to be a big part of this."

With forward Michael Frolik now on board, Bowman said he's content with the Hawks up front. He will focus on adding a defenseman.

"We're trying to find a defenseman that can be a penalty-killing type and eat up some minutes on the PK," Bowman said. "Right now, we're using our top guys a lot. In a perfect world, we can get a guy and come in do that."

It hasn't been easy finding that player, but things have picked up discussion-wise with other teams, Bowman said.

Former Hawk and current Atlanta Thrashers defenseman Brent Sopel is often mentioned. Sopel was part of the Dustin Byfuglien deal in the summer. But the Thrashers are still in the playoff hunt in the Eastern Conference.

Bowman made it a point to say the Hawks aren't going to wait around for the Feb. 28 trade deadline to come around, either.

"I think a lot of teams are looking for similar kinds of players," Bowman said. "There's not a lot yet that are thrown out there in terms of being available. Lots of discussions. It's picking up right now.

"Some teams are going to try and hold their guys close to the deadline. We don't necessarily want to wait that long. If we find a guy that we're comfortable with, we'll make it work. But there is nothing imminent on that front."

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bowman thinks center and d positions are key , thats his words. the fact is every position is the key , including goalies. the problem bowman has is poor management of money on the players. no one hockey player is worth over 4m. the hawks have got themselves into a bad situation. one day the owners of all the nhl teams will realize that hockey players are just jocks, and jocks would play for 50,000 a year ,beer money, free food, and hotel rooms, and an escort service. you take the names off their jerseys and most look the same. so with rising wages and ticket prices , the time for a new league , and boycotts of games , are now !!!!

did the hawks give away to much during the off season?

First off there is a major team D issue here.. nobody seems to want to play it. They all seem to cherry pick looking for the home run stretch pass. There is talent a-plenty on this team.. but a major lack of focus. Q was known for very D minded teams in St. Louis and Colorado.. dont know whats up here. Kane shows zero interest in getting after anybody. Toews is a good two way player.. but just not a hitter. This whole team just looks tired. Young kids who partied all summer.. The off season trades took away alot with Madden and Sopel. Buff was good, but a lockroom problem from what I heard. I would make a decision regarding Seabrook and Campbell. Trade one of them.. you have Lalonde sitting in Rockford and he is ready to play. Free up some space and prepare for next year. Kane needs a big body on his line to help free him up.

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