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Blackhawks trade Jack Skille for Michael Frolik

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EDMONTON, Alberta -- The Blackhawks have traded Jack Skille, Hugh Jessiman and David Pacan to the Florida Panthers in exchange for forward Michael Frolik and the rights to goaltender Alexander Salak.

General manager Stan Bowman always has maintained that he's been looking to add depth at center. And, he gets that with Frolik, who has played wing, but was drafted as a center.

Skille, the seventh overall pick in 2005, has been used primarily on the fourth line this season. He signed a one-year deal worth $600,000 in the summer.

"It's sad to see and say goodbye to all those great guys in the locker room {Wednesday night]," Skille said. "That's a moment I'll never forget."

Frolik, 22, has eight goals and 29 points in 52 games for the Panthers this season. He was selected with the 10th overall pick in the 2006 draft.

"Frolik is a player we've been interested in actually dating back to draft year," said. Hawks general manager Stan Bowman. "He fits into the future of our franchise with his offensive ability. ... He's just coming into his own in the NHL."

Frolik, who is in the final year of a contract that carries a $1.275 million cap hit, has scored 21 goals in each of the past two seasons. He was drafted as a center, but has played wing. He was recently relegated to fourth-line duties for the Panthers.

Salak, 24, currently leads all goalies in the Swedish Elite League with a .925 save percentage and six shutouts, and ranks sixth with a 2.04 goals-against average in 41 games with Farjestad BK.

But this deal is about the Hawks wanting a top-six player. They hope they found it Frolik.

"We've got a player in here who has a pretty good pedigree at a young age," Bowman said.

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I hope this trade works out just as well as all those other groundbreaking trades you idiots made this offseason.

lol people jumping off the wagon left and right. the blackhawks will be just fine.

Obviously you know nothing about hockey pal. The Hawks were forced to make those trades b/c their former general manager had zero regard for the salary cap and left Stan Bowman no choice but to dump salary going into this season. Not a single player traded in the off-season would have been traded if not for cap restrictions. On top of that, Huet was "allowed" to play in France b/c Tallon WAY overpaid his ass when he was signed as UFA. That move alone saved 5+ million of this years cap.

Hawks may back-door their way into the playoffs and if they do, nobody will want to play them. The Canucks general manager was asked two days ago about a possible first round match-up vs the Hawks and he responded, "no thanks".

I guess I know nothing about hockey either. The Hawks will be embarassed if they make the playoffs and get creamed by Vancouver or Detroit so I'd rather see them continue to suck and not get in...wait until next year. Ha ha...Stick a fork in them, they are done...losing those key players and goalie Niemi, losing to edmonton twice early on, and losing so many more home games than any other good team in the NHL...and you want these oafs in the playoffs? No bruisers and a few pretty boys? Seems maybe it is YOU who knows little about hockey. Me, I prefer to win. Now lets see who they dump this time around, can it be any worse than losing Eager, Versteeg, Byfuglien, Niemi????? Bring back Big Buff and Antii Niemi!

Without the benefit of hindsite who would you have let go to get under the capo last off season? Kane? Sharp? Seabrook? Don't make me laugh. It's easy to say now that they should have kept Byfuglien, Versteeg and Lang, but at the time they seemed like the right moves. Crawford will be fine, and so will the rest of the team. Why don't you jump back off the bandwagon you were so happy to get on last year because we don't need you!

Enough of this Bowman trade stuff. Tallon left us in a mess. Niemi walked away from a good deal. He was good.. but a one year wonder. Looking at who Bowman traded... it was tough. The key thing we lost was the grit Ladd and Buff brought. Bowman kept the core.. the very skilled core together. FInding grinder type players is easy. Finding world class skilled players like Kane and Toews and Sharp.. kinda hard. Jesus people... the Hawks won the cup.. THE CUP!!!!! Toughest title to win in all of sports. They are kids.. played the whole summer with the cup. Had the whole team stayed together.. we would obviously be better... look at the good things.. We found our net minder in Crawford... Toews had matured even more so.. Sharp looks to be a 40 goal scorer if they put him on the wing.. The worst sports fans have to be in chicago.. if you arent shredding Cutler.. you are whipping the Hawks.. show some sports IQ. This Hawks team may not make the playoffs. They will be heads/tails better next year. These kids are human. They are allowed to be tired... fatigued.. mentally drained.

for all you people jumping back off the bandwagon,please try to land under the wheels you fickle bastards.from a true red,black and white hawks fan for richer,for poorer,in sickness and in good health till death do us part.

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