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Adam Burish comes to Patrick Kane's defense

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Dallas Stars agitator Adam Burish was very close with Hawks winger Patrick Kane when he played in Chicago. The two hung out at home and on the road, and they sill exchange texts and talk often.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that Burish, a fan favorite and media go-to guy when he was with the Hawks, will defend his former teammate.

Burish was cornered by reporters Thursday in Detroit before the Stars met the Red Wings and asked about last week's story that suggested Kane missed practice with a hangover and the photographs that accompanied it.

Burish told reporters:

"Listen, he's a superstar. People want to find him out. They want to see him. He's a good kid. He comes to work every day. He's the best player every day on the ice.

"So, he wants to go out and have dinner, have a beer, go hang out with some teammates on an off night, that's no different than any other job. If he shows up to work every day and plays the right way, who's to say what he can do at night or not?

"He's a professional. He's a young kid, but he's a professional. He understands the situations and he understands that he's a superstar and everybody's watching him, and he deals with it pretty darn good. He deals with it better than most people do. To me, he's not doing anything wrong. He's not doing anything that anybody should shake their head at."

Burish said Kane has to live "under a microscope" unlike other players. Kane missed two practices with the flu and needed multiple IV bags in order to play Feb. 16 against the Wild.

Burish continued with reporters:

"He's out having a beer somewhere -- it's news. People in Chicago are taking pictures of it and looking at it. It could be the middle of summer time and they could take pictures and say, 'What's he doing out?' Well, what do you mean 'What's he doing out?' He just finished an 82-game season and just won a Stanley Cup. If he wants to party a little bit, big deal. He's not doing anything wrong.

"It's just that he's under the microscope. So then people want to take a picture and make a story about it. It's not fair, but you know what? He understands it. He's not complaining about it. He almost doesn't worry about it. He goes about his business and for that position, he's pretty respectful of people that are around him, and at times, he's been told, 'Don't even take pictures with people, because you never know what it's going to be like.'

"He's not that kind of guy, though. He doesn't want to say no to somebody if he's out having dinner. 'Sorry, I can't take a picture with you.' But that's what some people told him, even that isn't good. Well, if he does that, then he's a jerk. He's a jerk not taking a picture. So for him, it's tough. It's a no-win. But he's as good of a kid as I've been around. I always loved being around him. I think he handles himself pretty darn good for being a 22-year old superstar.

"He's going to have fun, like anybody else does. He's not out like Dennis Rodman or like some of these guys. He's doing it like he should be, at the right times, and there's nothing wrong with what he's doing."

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Funny, I never recall Dennis Rodman assaulting a senior citizen aged cab driver over a twenty cent tip....Kane is an alcoholic who is easily influenced by the bad boy cousin of his from Buffalo who seems to tag with him in all those "incidents"...clean it up Kane, everyone in River North, Rush and around Town knows your nonsense, its just now making it to Deadspin for the rest of the world to see. Jonathan Toews is a 22 year old superstar too Burish, and there is no rep or pictures of him around. Explain that difference to us please. Kane needs help is the general consensus and you're coming off as just another veteran enabler to him. And yeah you're right, if he can party all night and still show up for work, that makes him ok in your book...we've all known people like that at our workplaces---they can do it, but only for so long. Blackhawks chickenpile management should be intervening---they have too much invested, and charge us too much to watch this now to let it waste away. John McDonough, where are you when you're really needed? You didnt miss a beat to fire Dennis Savard after 4 games, or Dale later, when it wasnt really required to. Kane needs an intervention, call his mother and family, some players and set it up. Burish, you been hit in the head once too much us the hands off speech when its clear the kid is out of his league with the booze. The Hawks have a terrible history of players and coaches, deaths, and incidents involving booze. Heck even Coach Q has a DUI the summer he came here. Manguson was buried because of drunken driving. Savards business partner killed his gf in a dui accident last winter, Coach Sutter, Theo Fleury, Probert, Hull, its endless the history and tradition including assaults on others, spouses and on one another. Kane is carrying the banner now. Stop with the denial and simple explanations and get the kid on a new path. Clearly the leaving your home and family at 14 stuff in hockey robs these kids of the normal family involvement other 14 year olds are getting at that age. Living with "hockey parents" is not the same as living with your own parents. Some kids need more---Kane seems to be one of them.

Quit with the enabling..or maybe I got it all wrong---as long as he's on the ice and scoring who cares if he harms himself or others off the ice, maybe thats the mantra we're supposed to believe. Or the present story being sold to us "dont believe those pictures, they're from the summer"...ok, whatever you say Patrick.

Well Bob you sound like you know an awful lot! Maybe you should find out the history of the cab driver before you say anything, not all 62 year old man are honest!!!!! And didn't Toews have an incident when he was 17 or 18 yrs of age. Sounds like you are jealous! I have heard plenty about all sports figures and I find some of them hard to believe, grow up!!

Patrick Kane and the rest of the Chicago Black Hawk organization have been great ambassadors for the game and the city of Chicago.. Look at the NHL allstar game n look at how clean shaven well dressed n polite these NHL superstars present themselves.. Now look at every pierced n tattoed NBA or NFL player that gets in front of the camera,, sorry no comparrison there.. Living in Vegas where the NBA allstar game was held a few years ago was a complete debacle.. Luding, shooting people " dining n dashing in lots of the restaurents on the strip... I guarentee one thing the mayor would be assaniated if they ever tried to hold another game there.. The NHL awards in Vegas is all about class.... Please leave Patrick Kane alone n let him play the game on the ice.

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