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Comparing Niemi and Turco

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Here are some statistics comparing Marty Turco and Antti Niemi. The Hawks signed Turco to a one-year deal Monday, while deciding to walk away from Niemi and his arbitration award of $2.75 million.

2009-10 even-strength save percentage, (minimum 650 shots against. Niemi faced 746 total shots):

· Turco - .926 (tied for 10th)

· Niemi - .914 (19th)

2009-10 in game save percentage

· Niemi posted a plus-.900 save percentage in 20-of-37 games or 54 percent

· Turco posted a plus-.900 save percentage in 34-of-53 games or 64 percent

Goals allowed and record

· Niemi allowed three-or-fewer goals 39 times and Chicago was 29-10 in the those games.

· Turco allowed three-or-fewer goals 38 times and Dallas was 21-17 in those games.

· Niemi allowed four-or-more goals 8 times and Chicago was 5-3 in those games.

· Turco allowed four-or-more goals 15 times and Dallas was 1-14 in those games.

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This is like comparing Mendenhall VS Forte!!! Who's in front!?!?

the numbers appear show it's a more than reasonable trade-off especially considering their respective d's. there was almost a million dollar difference between the two, so I'll take my chances with Turco. This is good because now we can take that change fill some more holes and not have to play musical players with Rockford. It's too bad, Niemi really could've solidified a place in Blackhawks lore if he'd waited for the right salary cap timing to get paid.

Turco will have a bunch of assists this year rather than Niemi's fumbles and turnovers. Plus for Turco.

Hockey novice here:

If you guys are trying to convince me that having Turco here instead of Niemi it is not working.

I'm glad I do not work for any of you. I can actually view us working on a project but each one one of you wants to take credit for the other team members work. Run to upper management and express we do not need her / him, I'm already doing the work of this person.

Yes, that is how I am assessing this sale off of the players who won the championship instead of going along with the gutting of the team.

Sorry butts!!

And the stats do not mean anything presently when this is a shell of the 2010 championship team.

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