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Beach makes waves at prospect camp (with videos)

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beach.jpgFormer first-round pick Kyle Beach lived up to his reputation of being a talented player that plays on the edge during this year's prospect camp.

Beach fought John Kurtz on the opening day and then got into two scraps with a much smaller Mathis Olimb.

After their second fight, Olimb, a 5-10, 176-pound center signed to a one-year contract in June, was apparently injured. Beach (6-3, 202 pounds) initiated the fight, while Olimb reportedly suffered a serious shoulder injury. He skated off holding his left shoulder.

Here is the video of the second fight:

Hawks general manager Stan Bowman was asked Monday about Beach's maturity level after getting into the fights. Beach finished the camp with only one assist in the scrimmages.

"I don't look at it as his maturity level," Bowman said. "I think that's part of his game. That's what actually sets him apart from other guys.He scored 52 goals last year, which is a great year. So a guy that can do that and be tough to play against, you don't want him to lose that edge. That's a part of his game that's made him what he is.

"We don't want to discourage it. You have to do it at the right times, which I guess is maybe something you can talk to him about. But he's certainly proven himself to be a multi-faceted player. We're going to need that down the road."

Here is the video of the first fight:

A thanks to chisouthside79 for posting the videos on YouTube.

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Olimb has a busted shoulder and will need surgery. He's out for four months.

Nice going Kyle... Its a prospect camp. We all know you can fight.. but to pound on Olimb twice??? Come on!!! Now hes hurt. Thats just dumb. He has talent, but the temper needs an adjustment or he will never make it out of Rockford. He better screw it on quick... this team is filled with talent from top to bottom. No room for a hot head that will cost his team penalties and goals..

1990: You are very wrong !!! I've never heard of OLIMB, and as such, he probably will NEVER make the HAWKS parent club. KYLE BEACH on the other hand led his junior team, the SPOKANE CHIEFS and the WHL in goals (52) and also in # of fights and PIM's. This IS his game and unlike OLIMB, BEACH will make the team, because of many reasons, no less the HAWKS need to gain an enforcer to protect the free wheeling of KANER and TOEWS, so that they among others won't have to worry any more about OPEN ICE HITS LIKE THE WILLY MITCHELL CRUNCH that was stapled to J.T. early in the 2009/10 season.

Hey Tom...
The point was this... everyone knows Beach can fight.. he also has good scoring touch. But why pound a player (possible future team mate) twice.. the second time causing an injury?? Wanna play aggressive..fine. Make good/clean hits... the battles in the corners.. but to beat on someone who is obiously smaller then you? Smells of another Todd Bertuzi. Even the chicago media asked Bowman about Beach being a hot head.. So if being a big time fighter is that big a deal to you..fine. The line on Beach is that he gets off his game wayy to quick and wants to fight. How in the hell does that help us when we are killing penalties because Beach cant keep his cool.. sticking up for your team is one thing.. dropping the gloves when needed... good too. Beating on a much smaller guy in a PROSPECTS CAMP???? No...

Olimb has never fought before. Olimb is a playmaker and not an enforcer. He will probably fight, but never against a guy that are 4 inches taller.
Olimb has done it great in the german and the swedish league. He is a player that fit the Hawks' playing style great. A quick player, good passing skills and great skating skills. If you go on youtube, you can see his shoot out goal against france.

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