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Kane's game-winner ....

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PHILADELPHIA -- There was Patrick Kane skating wildly away from the play. Patrick Sharp gave chase. Brian Campbell and Andrew Ladd looked lost.

Oh my gosh, I thought. Kane just won it.

Silence ensued in the Wachovia Center. The Flyers were stunned. A review was needed. But the goal was good. There was no denying it. Kane slid it under Michael Leighton.

Somehow. Someway. It went in.

It's over. The 49-year-drought is over. Just wow.

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When an athlete celebrates quickly after a score or defensive stop, she / he is 85-90 percent sure of the outcome.

Though a novice hockey fan I had been wondering where Patrick Kane been throughout the Finals. I expecting more scoring from him, but maybe that is not his role.

When Kane threw off his gloves and skated off celebrating while everyone else was looking for the puck, I was sure he scored. You do not celebrate like that unless clearly sure you scored.

Good for him & the Blackhawks

I believe if that same play was at the United Center, the red light would have went on. The Flyers and their fans were simply stunned momentarily because the puck was hidden at the bottom of the goal.

I learned a lot more about hockey this year and CONGRATS to the Blackhawks players and their fans.

BTW, IMHO, the Blackhawks goalie, Antti Niemi, should have been chosen MVP, but what do I know about hockey as a novice.

I simply saw the guy stop pucks, slapping it away, or smothering it in front of the net consistently in the finals.

But I guess Dusting Byfuglien could have won it just for knocking down a few of the Flyers players as well, especially that annoying guy named Chris Pronger.

Yes, "wow" says it all. Perhaps almost a bit anti-climatic but doesn't bother me!

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