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Hamhuis disagrees with non-suspension of Hossa

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hamhuis.jpgNASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Nashville Predators defenseman Dan Hamhuis disagreed with the NHL's decision not to suspend Marian Hossa.

"I thought it was a little bit light," Hamhuis said Monday. "It was a dangerous play. My injury, his prior past shouldn't have anything to do [with it]. it doesn't change the action."

Hossa propelled Hamhuis into the end boards with 1:03 left in regulation of Game 5 on Saturday. Hamhuis lay on the ice for several minutes, while Hossa received a major penalty for boarding. The Hawks winger ended up scoring the game-winner 11 seconds after his penalty expired in overtime.

Colin Campbell, the NHL's disciplinarian, decided against suspending Hossa, calling it "a hockey play involving a race for the puck." He also took in account that Hossa "is not a repeat offender."

Hamhuis thought it was very similar to Alex Ovechkin's injury-causing hit on Brian Campbell in March.

"There were some minor differences in both the plays," he said. "In both cases, it's a very dangerous place to be hit. In both cases, me and Brian Campbell weren't expecting it."

Hamhuis didn't play after the hit, but was not seriously hurt. He said he will be thinking about it Monday and will be in Game 6.

"It's a pretty traumatic thing going into the boards at that speed from 5 feet away, headfirst," Hamhuis said. "Whether I'm hurt or not, it's still a bit of a shock to go through something like that. It's on my mind. I'm doing the best I can to put it out of my mind to focus on the game. "

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Hamhuis is a baby. He layed there like he was seriously hurt and he is fine. Go play soccer like the rest of the fakes.

When Gary Bettman arrived from the NBA, he didn't know much about hockey. He felt division names (Campbell, Norris, Prince of Wales, Smythe) had little meaning to Americans, and adopted today's geographical variants. He wanted to switch to four quarters instead of three periods, but found out this raised concerns about the ice preparation. The first time he saw a practice, somebody dumped a bucket of pucks on the ice. Basketball Bettman asked "What are those? Where are the balls?" Told they were pucks, he replied "So hockey has no balls?" This has been ever more true throughout Bettman's reign.

Hamhuis needs to admit this was not a blantant hit by Hossa ~ Hamhuis is just ticked off because his team lost and actually blew the game in the last 14 seconds of regulation! Hopefully, the Blackhawks will score often and early tonite and get this Playoff Round over!

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