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Wisniewski suspended 8 games for hit on Seabrook

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MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. -- Anaheim Ducks defenseman James Wisniewski was suspended eight games by the NHL Thursday for his hit on the Hawks' Brent Seabrook.

The league said Wisniewski struck Seabrook, who was injured on the play, in the head area.

"Mr. Wisniewski delivered a retaliatory hit to the head of an opponent who never had possession of the puck," NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell told "The fact that Mr. Wisniewski is a repeat offender also entered into this decision."

Wisniewski, who was suspended for two games on Oct. 31 for hitting the Phoenix Coyotes' Shane Doan in the head, will forfeit $ 268,292.72 in salary.

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I watched the game last night on the NHL Network and was stuck with the biased play call of the Duck's Network. I was amazed that the Duck's color commentator, (don't remember name), actually accused Seabrook of play acting to get the call. He also said that the play did not deserve more than a two minute penalty. I wondered what game he was watching in his monitor. I was just appalled by the way he minimized what Wisniewski had done. After the game, I felt vindicated to find out that most everyone else in the country, (and Canada), agreed with me that the play called for a severe suspension.

The Duck's color commentator is Brian Hayward. I was completely disgusted with his comment that Seabrook may have been trying to sell the call.
It was a very unprofessional, Bush-League comment.

The stupid refs only called a charging penalty for this play, the refs should be fired.

Hockey novice here: I am trying to learn the nuances to the game of hockey - by watching the game - beyond the checking and fights.

I know in the NFL if you go at another player's head in the manner the opposing player on the Duck's did wouldn't he be automatically ejected if the ref saw it?

Also, why would a hockey player go to the head of another player like this character did? Am I missing something?

Are you allowed to go to head normally in a game and if so was Anaheim Ducks defenseman James Wisniewski skating so fast towards the end of the rink where the other player was and in the process hit him in the head to brace ramming into the boards and glass to keep from injuring his self? And in the process ram this guy's head into the glass?

Please state how high a hockey player can hold his hands during a game.

I don't know and this is why I am posing these questions.

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