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Video: Wisniewski injures Seabrook with hit

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ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Brent Seabrook was knocked out of Wedneday's game against the Anaheim Ducks by a jarring hit from ex-Hawk James Wisniewski early in the second period.

Wisniewski's blow came moments after Seabrook put a hard check on Corey Perry. Seabrook, though, didn't have the puck when Wisniewski came charging at him. He also appeared to lose consciousness as he fell to the ice.

Here is the video:

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NAUGHTY ON WIZ...and anyone who hits in such a dangerous area on the ice

If that announcer thinks he is faking it, he should get another job!

I would like to see him take the same head shot and see what he looks like after!

Blown away that Wiz would do that to Seabrook. Seabs hit Corey Perry with a nice, clean check.. Then Wiz flys in and just smokes him. Skates off the ice with the elbow up. WTF... I love hockey, but this is getting outa hand. The Ovechkin hit..bad yes but Soupy fell awkwardly. Intent to hurt Soupy... no. Wiz was a missile intent on tearing up Seabs. This team needs to start standing up for one another. Plus the Refs need to set a standard. bad hits = gone for the game. If someone takes a run at another one of our stud players tonight, look out. This team is ready to explode.. I dont blame them..

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