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Bowman keeps the Hawks together ...

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stan.jpgThe NHL trade deadline came and went, and Hawks GM Stan Bowman stood pat. Here some of the highlights from his Q & A with the media afterward:

On trade talks in general ...

"[There was] a lot of talking. It takes two to tango. And we didn't quite get anything done. But we had a lot of good discussions and sometimes it doesn't work out. That's the way it goes."

On whether the trade discussions were primarily about Cristobal Huet ...

"We talked about every player, really. Lots of guys come up. We don't target any one area. We're trying to make our team better and if we can do that we jump on it. We did make the move the other day to get some depth on defense. Having [Nick] Boynton here gives us that, so we were able to accomplish one thing."

"Like I said all along, we're really happy with the group we have here and you have to look at it that way. We've accomplished a lot so far."

On some of the trade rumors, specifically involving goalie Tomas Vokoun ...

"That's part of the business, but it's interesting the way that people come up with different scenarios. ... We're focused on doing the right thing for the Blackhawks. We've got a great group here and we're very comfortable."

About Vokoun ...

"It's a slippery slope to start saying we wanted this guy, we didn't want that guy. But we wanted to do things that made sense for us. None of them made sense, so that's why we didn't make any more moves."

On whether he was disappointed he didn't make a trade ...

"Not really disappointed. You go into it hoping you can improve your team and there was nothing there that really made sense for us. That's OK. We're one of many teams that didn't make moves, and we're really happy with the guys we have here. It's a great group of Blackhawks. They've been an entertaining team so far, and I think they'll continue to be."

On whether he was close to making a trade ...

"Not real close. At times it seemed like it might start to go there, then sometimes they go in other directions. That's the nature of it."

About analysts criticizing the Hawks' goaltending ...

"It's just part of the business. You can't take offense at it. People are passionate about our team. You guys here are interested in our team, which is good for us. We've got a fun team to watch and the scrutiny comes with it. Scrutiny comes with heightened awareness and there's nothing wrong with that. Like I've been saying all along, we're comfortable with the guys here and we're going to go forward."

"You don't reach this point by luck. You may get lucky for a few games or weeks, but you can't sustain that for a series of months to be where we're at in the standings. There's a reason we are where we are."

On whether he expects to have a busy offseason do to his salary-cap issues ...

"We always have a busy offseason. There's always changes. Every team makes big changes. I'm sure there'll be changes. But we're not focused on that right now."

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