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Barker traded to Minnesota

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barker.jpgThe Blackhawks have traded defenseman Cam Barker to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for defensemen Kim Johnsson and Nick Leddy.

Johnsson, 33, has six goals and eight assists with a plus-3 rating in 52 games this season. Leddy was the 16th overall pick in the 2009 draft.

Stan Bowman on Johnsson:

"Kim is a very talented player at both ends of the ice. He gives us that experience and the versatility to play in a number of different ways."

Bowman on Leddy:

"We've been very high on him since last year when we were trying to trade up to get him in the draft. His speed is something that's been talked about quite a bit and he plays the type of style we play here. He's got a puck possession game and he can really skate. He had to be in the mix for this to work."

My initial thoughts:

The move, which came a day after Hawks coach Joel Quenneville discussed having Barker more on the power play, maintains the team's depth on defense, while freeing up cap space for the future.

One of the Hawks connected to qualifying offer snafu in the summer, Barker was in the middle of the first year of a three-year, $9.25 million deal. That's a hefty tag for a player who had become the Hawks' fifth or even sixth defenseman.

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Read the Minnesota newspapers where the Wild fans by and large indicate that Johnsson is "soft" and, at best, a 3rd line player on a mediocre team. The trade needed to be made because of later cap concerns...too bad! The other player in the trade may be a future player for the Hawks so, in the balance, I give a grade of C. If the Hawks dont get a major thug to protect our smurfs the Hawks will be run off the ice. Watching Campbell and other Hawks with "happy feet" trying to evade checks and giving up the puck will hurt this team going into the playoffs. Stop kidding yourself if you are thinking Stanley way this team gets past Vancouver if we have to play them.

Barker and the other instant millionaire lotto winners, from the summer, out of stamps mistake by little Bowman---need to be corrected by little Bowman..too much money, too soon for unproven players---they're good (Versteeg) but 9m over 3 years for Barkers "goodness"---puh-freaking-leeze.

Me thinks Pope John Paul McDonough has made it clear that little Bowman must figure it out given he caused it and the Pope made Tallon fall for it. Glad to see this move was made. Havent been sure to date if little Bowman knew how to pull a trigger. Suspect there will be at least 2 others to go.

Get flash in the pan, win you One game, lose you 2 games Versteeg, and no leadership in how to party Madden, out of town next. Throw in Huet, move a lot of money, and get a real goalie for playoffs.

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