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What's up with Havlat?

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I like Marty Havlat, but I'm surprised by his suddenly outspoken style regarding his days with the Hawks. While here he didn't say much. Now that he's with Minnesota on a nice new contract he's suggesting shady behind-the-scenes activity in the Hawks' front office. He paints John McDonough as the villain, and I can't see it. This is a player who wanted to remain a Hawk but couldn't. His feelings were hurt and he's having trouble moving on. Hossa will be a more-than-adequate replacement for him.

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If Marty Havlat wanted to stay here so bad he would have taken the one year offer and proved he was healthy. Don't tell me how great he was last year and he was healthy. That was a contract year. If he played another 18 games last season, 6 mil a year would have been a pipedream. Dale Tallon already gave him 6 mil a year off a season of 18 games with Otawat. And the next few years he played in less than 85 games. Thanks for last season, Marty, now shut up.

I agree. I do believe his performance was tied into his contract year status. However, he did have a good all around year. I can understand why he would want to stay with all the upside on this team.

Also, why is McDonough getting a free pass in all this. He is painted as a saint by the media. I am sick of him from the over the top circus press conferences to the red carpet debacle last year to firing everyone there before him. I think he needs to be the one to go.

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