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Did Tallon get a raw deal?

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Here's how I size up the Blackhawks' latest front-ice move:
Should Tallon have been fired? It would have happened sooner or later, since Tallon was more a part of the old regime, and last week's fiasco involving the contracts of eight restricted free agents was a good reason. It probably cost the club several million dollars to straighten that mess out.
Is Stan the man for the job? Well, he's certainly paid his dues and he comes from good stock. When it comes to knowing hockey I'd never second-guess Scotty Bowman. Hopefully father has passed on that wisdom to his son.

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Yeah, raw deal, but it's not like he was an astute genius.
The two experts in his scouting staff helped big time on one end.
Only one of those to remains now too.

If Scotty gets senile, Stan certainly doesn't know enough about talent evaluation to make trades without consensus consultation.

I agree. Tallon needed to go. First mistake was Campbell and Huet. A guy who wants to out skate defensemen when he should be out skating forwards and Huet looks shocked that someone is shooting the puck at him. The second mistake trading Wisniewski and now we lost Walker and Wiz could have filled that role if put in that position and this guy was part of the core there talking about. Letting Havlat go sucks, but we got a better player. Habby leaving is horrible. Now we have no cap room and they want to trade Sharp? Get rid of Campbell so you have money for the kids next year. If you lose them forget what you did the past 2 years and this coming year because it will be over if you lose Kane, Toews, ord Keith and let's not forget Ladd and Burish who by the way needs to fight more. We need this team to stick together.

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