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Hug it out

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The Vikings are going to battle with themselves in preparation for Sunday's meeting with the Bears at Soldier Field.

DE Erasmus James and RB Chester Taylor got into a scuffle in the locker room following Wednesday's practice that prompted a team meeting called by coach Brad Childress.

Taylor's right eye is reportedly black, the result of a punch thrown by James. The upshot of the whole deal is James is now on the injury report with a shoulder problem. No one knows if it came from the altercation. Things reportedly ended when Taylor heaved a chair at Taylor and inadvertently hit LT Bryant McKinnie. That's the kind of accuracy you expect from QB Tarvaris Jackson, if anyone.

While no one expected the Bears to be 1-3 at this point in the season, you’re not going to find anyone not wearing a foam cheesehead that would have predicted Green Bay would be 4-0 a month into the season. Certainly signs pointed to things turning the corner for Mike McCarthy in his second season, specifically the Packers’ close to the 2006 season when they won four straight.

No scouts are getting excited about Green Bay’s 4-0 record as they are the perfect starts in New England or Dallas, but you can’t poke too many holes in an unbeaten team that has certainly built a nice cushion for itself. A closer look at Green Bay:

Scouting the Lions

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There’s been a lot of talk about the Bears being able to get pressure on Detroit QB Jon Kitna, and that’s absolutely imperative. But the Lions aren’t nearly as bad pass blocking as the nine sacks they allowed last Sunday at Philadelphia would indicate. Four of those sacks came in the fourth quarter when the game was helplessly out of reach and the Eagles were pinning their ears back and coming.