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The Marvin Harrison-to-the-Bears mystery has been solved.

Weeks ago, a caller to WSCR 670-AM said the former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver was sighted in Lake Forest based on seeing an upscale SUV with Indiana vanity license plates. The plates not only have the Colts helmet, but also No. 88, the number Harrison wore for 13 seasons with the Colts.

It wasn't a hox. In the light rain at Halas Hall, I just spotted the exact same vehicle in front of the building.

Tony Dungy didn't hesitate stepping out and questioning the leadership ability of Jay Cutler earlier this year, something he wasn't alone in doing, but now he's got a suggestion for the Bears.

Sign Marvin Harrison if you need a wide receiver.

Speaking earlier today on the Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN-1000, Dungy said that the former all-pro can contribute this season.

"Yeah, Marvin can play the game,'' Dungy said. "Marvin can get open and catch the ball. Marvin's whole thing is precision. And he's the guy that needs work in a system, you know. I think he definitely can play and I would encourage Lovie to sign him if they had that opening."


We only knocked out three questions on Monday so we'll even it up with five today. Let's get right to it:

Q: One thing I really took away from the combine was the performance of Pat White. I know everyone was writing him off as a quarterback because of his size but this kid did everything right. He had excellent throws all day. He also ran a very fast 40 for a quarterback. How would he look in a Bears uniform if they could get him in the second or third round?

Tyler K., Tulono, Ill.

A: You were not the only one who was impressed by White's dazzling display Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium. It was quite a show and it will be interesting to see how much momentum White generates moving forward. Remember, it just takes one team to fall in love with a player.

Here is what they said on

2/24/2009--West Virginia's Pat White is a fine athlete who worked out at the combine as a quarterback and was relaxed in doing so. White is such a talent that teams are discussing what to do with him and when he should be drafted. He could be a No. 3 quarterback with a chance to be a No. 2, but he also can run the Wildcat, play slot receiver and return punts and kicks. As one GM said, "I want him on my team, and now I just have to figure out where I have to take him." - Pat Kirwan,

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