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Here we go, less than eight hours until the opening of free agency. The latest report is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have $61 million in available cap space. To put that in perspective, the total cap in 2003 was around $75 million. Good thing the NFL has been recession proof to this point, right? The Bears will head toward free agency with what is believed to be about $31 million in cap room.

We'll do our best to monitor the situation as it gets going but keep in mind general manager Jerry Angelo has already warned it's going to be quiet. We'll see if that's the case or if the Bears have a surprise move or two in store for everyone. This will be our final installment of Four Down Territory for the week. We'll resume with the Q&A's next week. Let's go:

Q: After a less than stellar showing at the combine where his speed was questioned, Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins could fall out of the top 10 and be available when the Bears pick. If he's available do you think the Bears would consider him? If so, could he or a cornerback already on the roster be moved to free safety? 
Chris, Homer Glen

A: Jenkins wasn't the only cornerback to post some slower times than expected at the combine. He didn't help himself by coming in at 4.52 and 4.59 and will almost certainly run again at the Buckeyes pro day on March 13. Had he been under 4.5, even just a little bit, his place in the top 12 picks of the draft probably would have been secured. He's got a ton of experience as a four-year starter and he has ideal size at 6-foot, 204 pounds. There's a lot to like there but the feeling is Illinois' Vontae Davis could have gained some ground on him.

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