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The Detroit Lions are virtually ensured of being without rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford for Sunday's game with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye will pay for that absence. The NFL has fined Ogunleye $7,500 for unnecessary roughness, ruling that when he spun Stafford to the ground for a sack midway through the fourth quarter he made a horse collar tackle. Ogunleye had the back of Stafford's jersey with his right hand. There was not a penalty called on the play.

Stafford reportedly suffered a dislocated right knee cap, although the injury is not believed to be serious. After missing two days of practice, he reportedly took part in some individual drills today. Still, veteran Daunte Culpepper is expected to start.

The NFL continued its consistent pattern of coming down on players who bring down opponents with horse-collar tackles.

Detroit Lions safety Kalvin Pearson has been fined $7,500 for his horse-collar tackle of Devin Hester on a punt return in the fourth quarter of the game last Sunday. It came at the end of a 20-yard return. The penalty set the Bears up on their own 46-yard line for what turned out to be the game-winning drive.

Tampa Bay right tackle Jeremy Trueblood, the man the Bears claim started the pileup in the overtime session that led to a penalty against Charles Tillman, has been fined by the NFL.

Trueblood was docked $5,000 unnecessary roughness, striking Adewale Ogunleye in the head. Tillman was also fined $5,000 for that play.

FedEx has delivered at least one letter to Halas Hall from the league office.

It was addressed to Jamar Williams. The linebacker said he picked up a $7,500 fine for the chippy affair Sunday between the Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Soldier Field.

The NFL came down on Williams for taunting, saying he stood over Dexter Jackson following a kickoff return in the first quarter and a tackle by Nick Roach. Williams was surprised by the unwanted delivery.

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