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If Minnesota coach Brad Childress didn't have enough drama over, say, the last three months with the Brett Favre saga, how about a little "he said, he said he was a naughty word?"

Thanks to our good friends in the Minneapolis media, we have Childress' take on the bizarre story over the last 34 hours or so after Bobby Wade, the ex-Bear, went on KFAN radio in Minnesota and said Brian Urlacher used a word we don't use on this here blog to describe his new teammate Jay Cutler.

The game of he said, he said is just that, a game.

That is what Bears spokesperson Scott Hagel said this afternoon in the wake of Bobby Wade's comments on KFAN in Minneapolis this morning. The former Bears wide receiver met up with Brian Urlacher in Las Vegas this past weekend, and according to Wade, Urlacher hurled a not-so-nice term in the direction of new quarterback Jay Cutler. A term that isn't fit for radio but happens to be on the station's podcast.

"It's all nonsense,'' Hagel said when asked if the team would comment on the matter. "I've talked to everybody [but Wade]. There is absolutely no truth to any of it.''

Bobby Wade was always an outspoken player when he was in a Bears uniform.

The wide receiver, who has been with the Minnesota Vikings for the last two seasons, remains that way today. He still has guys he considers friends in the Bears locker room, and he was roommates with linebacker Lance Briggs in college at Arizona and while they were with the Bears.

He's probably caught their attention now. Probably not in a good way. Pro Football Talk reported that Wade spouted off about his former team and its new quarterback in a big way this morning on KFAN in Minneapolis when visiting with host Paul Allen, who happens to be the play-by-play voice of the Vikings. According to Wade, he was recently in Las Vegas with middle linebacker Brian Urlacher. It's what Wade says that came out of the mouth of Urlacher that is surprising.

"Jay Cutler is a good player,'' Wade said. "Obviously, it's a much different environment from going from Denver to play in Chicago. Chicago is a tough club to play for. What is so funny, I actually saw Brian Urlacher this past weekend in Las Vegas and we had a long conversation.

"I don't want to get him in trouble, but it wasn't what [the Bears] expected. Pretty much [Urlacher] said Jay Cutler was a [deleted] for the most part.''

That sent the radio show up in a roar and the word Wade used was deleted on the air by using what is known as a dump button. The entire conversation is on the podcast, however.

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