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Bears' Evan Rodriguez apologizes for DUI

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Bears fullback Evan Rodriguez issued a statement Sunday through the team apologizing for his recent run in with the law.

Rodriguez was ticketed early Friday morning on I-90 near Hubbard Street for driving under the influence, speeding and improper lane usage. The Bears said Friday they were looking into the incident.

"I am deeply sorry for the incident that occurred the other night," Rodriguez said in his statement. "I want to apologize to the entire Bears organization, my teammates, coaches and Bears fans everywhere. I realize that I made a very poor decision. I know that more is expected of me and that I let a lot of people down that are counting on me. I will make positive changes in my life so that this doesn't happen again."

It was the second time Rodriguez, 24, got into trouble this offseason. Rodriguez was arrested in March for disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer without violence in Miami, but those charges were quickly dropped. He was working out in Florida with receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery.

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You would think that with the money athletes make they would have the good sense to take a limo or at least a cab for the nights they go out and hoist a few.

Ron, this is even dumber. The NFL provides a car service for all players that can be utilized when they have had a few, and need a ride.

This kid has been and continues to be bad news. I don't care how physically gifted he may be, between the ears there is nothing but crickets....

Lovie and Angelo kept nice guys on the roster who couldn't help the team win. I don't want to see us end up like the Lions or the Raiders by keeping bad guys on the team because they can play. There are plenty of guys on the streeet that can provide what Rodriguez would provide as the 4th or 5th option on offense. Marshall, Jeffrey, Forte, M Bennett, Bush, and E Bennett all should have a larger role in the offense than Evan would have. Kyle Adams, Fendi Onubun...I would take either guy, regardless of the step down physically, because mentally, they should be able to stay out of trouble for a few months.

The ownership of this team touts character as an important factor in earning the right to wear the C with the GSH on the sleeve. A hybrid fullback/TE is not the place to falter on that belief.

Cut this guy, and maybe he gets the wakeup call he needs to get his life together. You keep him, and he learns nothing, and does this again. He should have learned his lesson after the last one, and the 1 on 1 meeting with his GM telling him to get his sh!t together. This is how he responds to his second chance? I don't think he should get a 3rd chance.

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