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Phil Emery talks about Brian Urlacher -- again

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It should be no news here. But for what it's worth, here's what Bears general manager Phil Emery said about former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher during an interview with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on SiriusXM NFL Radio late Wednesday.

Emery was asked about the chances of Urlacher re-signing with the Bears.

"Brian was a great player and still is a great player," Emery said. "I have the utmost respect for Brian. As I've told people before, I've got far too many gray hairs to never say never. But obviously we've made an investment in terms of bringing a couple of key veterans in and drafting a couple rookies. So I would say that that is less likely to happen than more likely."

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I find it very interesting that the national sports media, especially the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network, is not following up on their previous denunciation of the Beloved for treating Urlacher so poorly, for showing him such disrespect as to offer a contract worth several million dollars for his services, with an equally harsh criticism of the entire NFl. No, harsher! Should it not be harsher, that the NFL is treating a legendary player so disdainfully as to offer Urlacher NOTHING AT ALL? ESPN should be dedicating a half-hour to its criticism of each team that has not offered this wonderful, fragile man a contract, in alphabetical order from the Arizona Cardinals to the Washington Redskins. How dare the Arizona Cardinals turn their back on this man who could offer such intangible leadership. Those Baltimore Ravens, so arrogant not signing this man, after all he has done for the linebacking position: what do they know about middle linebackers? And the San Diego Chargers have disrespected this man who could be like a coach on the field by daring to draft a young middle linebacker with a Maxim Magazine-quality hot fake girlfriend. Urlacher gets real girls, and has the many children to prove it!

Think, ESPN, of the thematic possibilities! It could be like an inverse "The Decision," perhaps with poorer ratings. We could call it "The Indecision."

Sadly you seem to miss the point but you're not alone. How those negotiations were conducted has far more to do with it than how it turned out in the end. The Bears were hoping for all the world that Urlacher would announce his retirement after the season but he didn't so they asked him for a proposal they could consider saying that they didn't want insult him. So he did but then they went ahead and insulted him anyway.

I think we can all agree that his initial proposal was far north of what he could have expected but as he pointed out that's the way it's done and he expressed a willingness to settle for less. The Bears responded with less. Far less, and unlike Urlacher they weren't willing to budge from their initial response to him. It was, as Urlacher pointed out, a this is it take it or leave it offer. No incentives, no counter offers, nothing but here it is do you want to play for this or not and obviously he didn't.

If the Bears offer was the best they were willing to do then that should have been put on the table back in February when the issues surrounding Urlacher's contract first came up. If they knew where they were gonna be as far as an offer went then why even bother asking Urlacher to give them a proposal? Call him in, lay the offer out and tell him why they can't or won't do better and let the man decide. He would have had a month before free agency and two months before the draft to measure his value elsewhere and may have come to the conclusion that it was all he could expect from anyone. But that's not what Phil Emery did.

In essence Brian Urlacher was forced out far more than the Bears are willing to admit and THAT is what was wrong with how it was handled. They were not upfront with him from the start and ever since Phil Emery has stonewalled any discussions with comments like he felt it was handled well and this one about "never say never". It's pure BS. Brian Urlacher has played his last game in a Bears uniform, we all know that and it was a pretty sad way to treat him in the end.

Regardless of how the local and national press treat it that's the accurate way to look at it.

Let me get this straight: $2,000,000 is an insult? I love Urlacher and believe he had another year or a little more left despite injury problems. I think (thought) that he would have made an excellent assistant coach after he retired. But what do I know? I take my pension and make due

I support everything that Emery does at this point. The best thing he did was 86 Lovie Smith. Urlacher hasn't been much of a factor the last couple of years. Oh, and saying that he doesn't care about the fans? Adios chump! Go up to play for the Viqueens and see how you do on the astro turf. I see a blown out knee headed his way. I don't feel bad at all for him. Emery is sharp as a tack and if the Bears don't make it this year to the big dance then it will definitely be next year.

When Urlacher decided he needed more money (which the Bears gave him) even though he was in the middle of the largest contract ever given to a Bears' defensive player, that's when he lost the right to ever feel insulted by how he was treated. The Bears gave him a ton of money, more than they had to. He should have said, "I'll take the 2 million so I can finish my career as a Bear and help this team the way they helped me." But he didn't, and instead decided to feel sorry for himself. Urlacher was a great player for the Bears, but as a person he was always a selfish POS.

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