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Longtime Bears scout leaves for Rams promotion

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The Bears will have to replace another valuable set of eyes this offseason with longtime scout Ted Monago leaving for a promotion with the St. Louis Rams.

Monago, who just finished his 12th season with the Bears, was an executive scout with a focus on the SEC, which is by far the best conference in college football right now. Monago will be a national scout for the Rams.

Monago's departure comes just days after director of pro scouting Chris Ballard left for the Kansas City Chiefs. Ballard is now the Chiefs' director of player personnel, overseeing their pro and college scouting.

Monago was promoted and assigned to the SEC in June 2012 as general manager Phil Emery reshaped and added to his staff. The Bears' 2013 draft class includes two players from the SEC, Florida linebacker Jon Bostic (50th overall) and Georgia defensive end Cornelius Washington (188).

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Yet another talent not getting compansated by the greediest team in the NFL. This is a guy that made it his life to make the Bears a better team for twelve seasons and should be in the front office. Good for you Mr. Monago leaving the bears was the best move you could of made. There is obviously no room for advancement with the McCaskey family owning the Bears. All of Chicago wishes you great luck along with the Rams organization!!!!

Um, am I the only fan to notice that during this spectacular scout's dozen-year tenure the Chicago Bears have had a string of their worst drafts perhaps in history, taken consecutively? The team in particular tends to avoid drafting SEC players, and of the few they have taken in the last few years, the standout team is Vanderbilt (Chris Williams, Earl Bennett, DJ Moore in particular, only one of whom is still allegedly on the team, for who knows how long...)

Spectacular work on finding Rex Grossman, Craig Steltz and Marcus Harrison for us, Mr. Monago. Well done. Perhaps the Rams are weak enough to feature Alex Brown and Mark Anderson as their premier ends. As much as I loathe the McCaskey family, for a man who some claim made it his life to make the team better for a dozen years, there's not much to show for it. Perhaps we should welcome mediocrity being handed a pink slip instead of putting up with it for a decade as the Beloved seem to so. If anything, the Bears franchise seems overly dedicated to their employees, to everyone's detriment.

Gotta agree on the recent poor scouting-bad drafting, especially during Angelo's tenure (who is still not an employee of an NFL team, big surprise!).

In order to be consistently successful in the NFL you MUST hit on 80% of 1st round, 70% of 2nd round, 60% of 3rd round and 25-50% of 4th round or below of your draft picks. When I say "hit" I mean you get professional football players that contribute regularly and at least half eventually become consistent starters. I know it's hard to do that, but regularly successful teams (Packers, Patriots, Giants, Steelers, Ravens, etc) do this. Under Angelo it was below 10-15% all the time, we were lucky to get one starter a year out of seven draft picks. That's why we had to overpay for free-agents or give up draft picks to get proven NFL-caliber players - which is no way to be successful in the long run.

I think the jury is still out on Emery so far. I haven't really been that impressed with what he has done as far as the draft. No impact players whatsoever and hardly any upgrades on what we already have in place.

On your first point I agree totally.

However, if drafting and scouting were as as simple as taking SEC players first, and then everyone else, I don't think teams would need scouts.

With respect, you're overvaluing the SEC. There's no question THE SEC IS THE BEST CONFERENCE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. That being said, the separation is not as great as people like you, and Colin Cowherd seem to think there is.

Give me the last QB from the SEC that won the Superbowl.


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