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Bears experimenting with helmet cam for QBs

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Bears coach Marc Trestman will be able to decide if likes what he sees by seeing nearly everything that Matt Blanchard sees as he makes his progressions.

blanchcam.JPGThe Bears experimented with a camera that was attached to Blanchard's helmet during the past three days at rookie minicamp. Blanchard was one of the several second-year players participating in the camp.

But before Trestman straps a camera to the helmet of Jay Cutler, he'll look at the tapes from Blanchard. It's the first time Trestman, a noted QB guru, is using such a technique.

"We've got [the videos] in our system right now," Trestman said. "We really haven't spent any time evaluating what we would get out of it or what we have gotten out of it. But it was fun to do it. I've peeked at it, but I really didn't study it. We'll see what unfolds this week and what we think we can do with it or move it around. Can we put it on a top of the helmet as opposed to the side of the helmet?

"It's kind of just fun just working with it, but it's not a major part of our focus. It's taken on a little bit of a life of its own over the last 24 hours and I don't know if deserves that much attention."

Trestman said Blanchard has picked up the offense "very quickly." He's seen plenty of positives from Blanchard, an undrafted free agent a year ago from Wisconsin-Whitewater and Lake Zurich.

"He's articulate in the verbiage of our offense," Trestman said. "Getting the reps has really helped him. He has very good fundamentals. He needs to improve like every quarterback does. But he's got a very good base. The ball easily comes out of his hand as you can see when he's over the top on his throws it's very natural throwing motion. He doesn't have to squeeze the ball hard. He doesn't have to what I would say 'work the ball' -- it comes off his hand very easily and very naturally.

"He's got some mobility. He's got a long way to go. We're in shorts. I think we'll see a little bit more out of him getting into camp with some pads on when we get into the preseason games we'll see more of what he has."

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