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It's a "Dyme Lyfe" for Bears linebacker D.J. Williams

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D.J. WIlliams comes to Chicago to take over at middle linebacker for the Bears. But he also comes to Chicago with his own clothing line.

dyme.jpgSo what is "Dyme Lyfe"?

Where did it come from?

"Dyme Lyfe actually became a clothing company about a year ago, but me and friends were just speaking about 'Dyme Lyfe' for four or five years," Williams said. "It developed one season. Me, Marcus Thomas and Ron Fields, two teammates of mine in Denver, we used to hang out a lot in our free time and our spare time. We would just do things like get massages, go out to dinner with each other, just relaxing and just enjoy life.

"Our teammates would tease us and we started called the time 'Dyming,' which just means good and feeling good and just doing what we want to do. It kind of caught on."

"Dyme" is an acronym for "Do you motivate, emanate," Williams said.

"It's actually a positive thing," Williams said. "Dyme Lyfe is really about enjoying life to the fullest, doing what makes you happy and being positive and pushing the vibes out on other people."

It was Williams who turned that lifestyle into a clothing line.

"I made us three T-Shirts one offseason we went to Vegas," he said. "Once we showed up in Vegas, a lot of people asked about them. So I decided to make more and people starting to ask questions about the shirt. I explained and people liked the meaning. Now it's a full up-and-running clothing line."

Williams often tweets photos of Dyme Lyfe merchandise on his @DjWilliam55 account. He also often shares photos of what his "Dyme Lyfe" looks like. There's also a Dyme Lyfe website (

But Williams wants to be to clear that he's focused on football, first and foremost. He said he's matured over the years, learning from his mistakes, which included two suspensions last season for the Denver Broncos.

"I'm same the person," Williams said. "I'm just older and more mature. I'll think things out a lot more in depth before making decisions. I definitely don't feel like I've lost a step as a player. I've always been a fast and athletic linebacker. That's what I pride myself in and I still feel like I still have that.

"But I'm looking to bring fun and excitement to our defense. I'm a guy who likes to have a good time, but at the end day, I like to work, I like to win."

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