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Matt Slauson thinks about block on Brian Cushing "all the time"

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Solid offensive linemen usually operate under the radar.

Matt Slauson, who started 48 of 51 games for the New York Jets, was one of those linemen.

But during an October game between the Jets and Houston Texans, Slauson delivered a low, blindside block that took down inside linebacker Brian Cushing.

It was revealed that Cushing suffered a torn ACL and was lost for the season. Cushing.jpg

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips said the block was "unnecessary."

Slauson was fined $10,000 for an illegal peel-back block.

Asked if he still thinks about that play, Slauson said, "I do.

"I think about it all the time. It was just unfortunate the way it happened, Brian getting hurt. I didn't want it to happen. I was just trying to do whatever I could to win. And unfortunately, it worked out very badly.
It was a frowned upon block. But I think about it all the time, and I'm really sorry the guy got hurt for it."

Slauson said it's hard for an offensive lineman to think specifically about a peel back block "because you're very seldom in that spot."

Slauson said he got Cushing's phone number from Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

"I tried," Slauson said of calling the linebacker. "But it didn't work out. I wanted to let him know that I was really sorry. I heard he's a great guy, and I wish him all the best, and I'm sure I'm going to be seeing on the field again."

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I've met Matt Slauson and talked with him. My older son played football with him at Nebraska. He's as polite and kind young man that you could ever run across. I am sure he feels terrible about what happened.

He would wait every game outside the locker room after NU home games, wait for his mother to give her a hug, and hang outside and sign autographs for all the kids.

I wish him great success in Chicago.

Should have thought of it before you did it big guy. Took a year away from another man's career. Not cool.

Alan clearly hasn't played ANY sport...not efficiently anyway.

Athletes don't have the time to "think about it." They have to react in extremely short time intervals. So short that they CANNOT think. If you have to think about somethig you get burned. After that you start to lose credibility as a player.

Can't whine like a child, unless you are 12 years old (which seems plausible), when players get injured when not on purpose.

It was a late hit, play was over. I call bull.

I watched that play over and over again... Cush had him completely beaten.. Slausen missed him completely and then tried to recover by taking out his knee from behind. It was purely the move of a less talented player trying to keep up with a more talented player. It was dirty, unprofesional, and unwarranted. Right after it happened, Slausen stated that he wasn't sorry and that it was a legal hit.... Now that Cushing is recovering and he may have to face him again... Now he is sorry.... What goes around comes around and God has a sense of humor.

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