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Lance Louis: "I needed a fresh start"

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Lance Louis, a former seventh-round pick of the Bears, developed into a solid starter.

But he's taking his talents to Miami. Louis.jpg

"I just felt like I needed a fresh start," Louis told the Sun-Times. "I went up there and met with those guys, and they really wanted me, and I clicked with the coaches.

"I just felt like they really wanted me to be there."

Louis signed a one-year deal with the Dolphins Wednesday. While he wasn't sure of the terms, he said the Dolphins offer was more than what the Bears offered him.

"Nothing toward those guys, but I felt I needed to start somewhere else," Louis said. "The decision was cool."

Louis said he isn't sure where the Dolphins want him to play, only that they made it clear they liked the way he played and wanted him on the roster.

"Whatever they want me at, that's what I'm going to try my best for them," he said.

Louis said he's rehabbing and feeling good. He's started jogging on what he described as a special treadmill.

He's still aiming to be ready for training camp.

"It's definitely exciting," Louis said of heading to the Dolphins. "I'm really looking forward to it. It's another journey in my life."

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Dude is a stud, Miami got a good one, bears lose a good one.

A whole new coaching staff wasn't enough of a "fresh start"?

dat man be da block-ah we needs

Pretty disappointed that the Bears let him sign elsewhere. In my opinion he was our best lineman last year.

When Johnny Knox fell and Jay C was intercepted and later broke his thumb, it was Lance louiis who ran down the angle with Jay C. to savethe game. It was a magnificent effort play of the highest order. I´ll root for that guy wherever he goes, but I´m sorry it`s not the Bears

Best of luck to you Lance. I think a lot of fans thought that Lance Louis was the best lineman on the team. If Louis can prove that he's healthy, he's got a bright future.

They really wanted him??

"Louis signed a one-year deal with the Dolphins Wednesday."

Nuff said

Needed a fresh start?? What a douche! Bottom Line is Bears didn't need him!! Carimi will be a full time guard this year, James Brown will start at LG, Tice is gone, and Louis only has one good wheel!! Enjoy your time in the sun and in the cellar, Clancy!

Bears didn't need him? We need good O-lineman and he was very good. The only good one we did have last year!

I guess the Bears really didn't want half of their signees because they all got one year contracts too... The guy was good and some fans don't wanna give him his due..Good for him to escape that perception.

I don't know how good he really was. Was he the most consistent performer on a terrible OL? Yes, but that is what it is.

The thing about all of the statistical measurements and PFF ratings is that they don't take into account what protections or blocking schemes were called on pass plays. Louis let guys get inside of him all the time, and let guys run around him regularly. That is not a great lineman, and is evidenced by him getting a 1 year deal.

Yes, he is coming off injury, but if a team really believed in him, they would have signed a longer term deal that left them an out in case he didn't make it back.

We don't have a better player at guard on the roster right now, but that doesn't mean we won't by the start of the season.

I agree with Joe... His run blocking was mediocre at best...I liked Louis, he hustled, played hard, had a gr8 attitude on the line but he was also coming off an injury. Allen's hit was cheap but when you couple the injury combined with some of the gaps in his game you can't expect a big contract. We will see ...but I think Emery made the right move.

My guess is that the Bears wondered whether Louis would fully recover from his injury. I agree he was having a very good year in 2012 prior to his injury.

Was Allen's hit cheap? Maybe...Should Louis have been more aware as he was tracking the INT runback? Definitely. Every defensive player on earth can't wait to light up an oblivious lineman on a turnover, because the offense does it to them every chance they get.

Allen launched into the hit, but he went high, not low, so I would say over-aggressive, not dirty. Lance's injury was unfortunate, but avoidable if he would have been more aware of the situation.

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