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J'Marcus Webb arrested on drug charges

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As the new coaching staff is assessing the roster, Bears left tackle J'Marcus Webb has made a poor early impression.

Webb was arrested in Pulaski County Sunday evening on drug charges, KFVS reported.

"We are aware of the recent arrest of J'Marcus Webb in Pulaski County, Illinois," the Bears said in a statement. "We are currently gathering information to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the arrest."

Webb, who enters the final year of his rookie deal, is currently the starting left tackle, although he's been a lightning rod player. A former seventh-round pick, Webb is charged with possession of controlled substance, cannabis and paraphernalia, according to KFVS.

His next court date is in March.

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Well, well what have we hear? Oh Kevin wher art thou? This is your boy remember? Future Hall Of Famer J'Marcus Webb as you used to say. Hahaha this is just too good now the Bears have a reason to cut this clown besides the fact that he sucked out loud.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Your Master Creighton has put you in your place yet again. Now get to polishing my boots.

Kevin, come out come out wherever you are and take your punishment like a man. Here the crack of my whip. This could get dirty.

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