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Add Packers' Tom Clements to Bears' interview list

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Bears general manager Phil Emery will be able interview Green Bay Packers coordinator Tom Clements for the Bears' head coaching vacancy.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Clements said the Bears have asked and received permission from the Packers to interview him.

In the past, the Packers have thwarted attempts by other teams to interview assistant coaches. But NFL rules prohibit teams from preventing coaches from interviewing for head coaching positions.

With the Packers hosting the Minnesota Vikings in the wild-card round on Saturday, the interview will presumably take place next week.

NFL rules state assistant coaches under contract to playoff clubs that win their wild-card games may be interviewed for head coaching positions through the conclusion of divisional playoff games (Jan. 12-13).

In February, the Packers promoted Clements from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator after Joe Philbin left for the Miami Dolphins. The Packers finished third in total offense in 2011 with Philbin. Under Clements, the Packers were 13th in total offense.

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The Bears have been after Clements for awhile, they tried to interview him in 2010 for the OC job but Green Bay said no. He's also been Rodgers long time QB coach, but I can't say he made the offense in GB better. Philbin was the OC that had those top rated offenses clicking, he also seemed to help the Phins. The offense got worse with Clements. Still he would be an upgrade over Tice in terms of offense. Heck his little finger could call plays better than Tice. Him and McCoy look like the favorites.

Have they looked at any college coaches like Marrone?

Looks a little slim in terms of talent. McCoy is a Manning product not the other way around.

I don't really like this guy. Maybe that's because he smells to me too much like a Green Bay Packer. I'm particularly sensitive to anything associated with the toilet paper capitol of the world, useful as that product is.I agree that about anyone would be better than Tice. His performance in the past should have warned the front office, but at least their defensive coordinater coach did okay.

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