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Tim Jennings recovering from dislocated right shoulder

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Bears cornerback Tim Jennings said after the Bears' 21-14 loss against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday that he's recovering from a dislocated right shoulder.

Jennings injured his shoulder last week in the Bears' loss against the Seattle Seahawks, making a tackle late in the fourth quarter. He missed every practice before the Vikings game, but was officially ruled out on Friday.

Jennings, though, said he always hoped that he might be able to play against the Vikings. Veteran Kelvin Hayden started in his place.

"I always think there is a chance," said Jennings, who leads the NFL with eight interceptions. "Later in the week, it was getting better each and every day, but the coaches decided to let it heal, which is smart because I still have a little soreness in there."

timjennings.jpgJennings won't rule himself out for next week's matchup with rival Green Bay Packers, but he admitted he needs to improve.

"Like I said, I still have some soreness in there," Jennings said. "I just need to continue to rehab, continue to let it heal and try to get my range all the way back.

"I don't have my range of motion all the way back. [Playing] will depend on how this week goes with the range of motion and the soreness."

Jennings is just one of a handful of defensive players with injuries right now. Of course, linebacker Brian Urlacher (hamstring) sat out against the Vikings, but defensive tackle Stephen Paea (foot) also missed the game.

Defensive tackle Henry Melton (shoulder) and defensive end Shea McClellin (knee) were hurt Sunday. They were officially called questionable.

Reserve safety Craig Steltz (chest) and cornerback Sherrick McManis (knee) also suffered injuries and ruled out after halftime.

"It's always tough when you can't be out there to contribute," Jennings said. "The fact that we didn't win made it tougher. But that's the way it goes in the NFL. I have to deal with it.

"I just have to go back to work with my rehab and treatment and try and get there next week."

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I hope all of these banged-up Bears are fast healers. To make any run if the Bears happen to dig in and make the playoffs, the Bears need all of them.

Speaking of the DB's is it me or has Jon Hoke done a really nice job with the secondary. If you have to look at the defense the pass rush is average, LB play is not as good as it was but the secondary has improved once again under Hoke.

If Lovie is let go would it be so wrong to promote Hoke to DC and let him swith to the Capers style defense he cut his teeth on and maybe going out and trying to hire Chip Kelly as the head coach so he can rebuild the offense.

I hope you are joking. Chip Kelly wow. That is just priceless.

Chip Kelly is one of the best offensive minds in football right now. He spent last off-season helping the Patriots improve their no huddle, which worked by the way. The 49ers, Seahawks, Patriots and Redskins all borrow from his play book. The 49ers and Seahawks both used his read option plays to wreck the Bears defense. He beat Harbaugh and his vaunted Stanford team usign a team with less talent.

Just because you don't understand his system, does not mean it does not work. He developed a system for college, it works, it works really well. You don't think he is smart enough to develop a pro style system? Well Bill Belichick does, in fact he thinks he is one of the best offensive minds out there. Have you not noticed the Pats have moved to a spread run attack? Did you not notice the shotgun running plays? Or the single word play calling? So Kelly' stuff is good enough for the Pats, but not good enough for the Bears? So the Pats are using his running plays, his hurry up and the shotgun run along with his play calling system but he is an idiot? Go watch the Buffalo, Denver and Houston games and get back to me on if Kelly's plays can work in the nfl.

He already turned down the Bucs, and at least two teams are known to be intrested in him this year. Yeah everyone is wrong about him and your right. If only Belichick new what he was doing. Do you think Harbaugh runs the exact same plays he ran in college? Kelly is also famed for having the best practices in football, and for his teams execution of plays. The Pats copied him and you think he is an idiot? Nice.

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