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Tim Jennings provides some Christmas cheer

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Rosie Collado and her family have many Christmas traditions.

Along with her husband and three children, she heads to her mother's to pray the rosary and enjoy a family feast.

But there will be challenges this year.

"It's going to be a hard Christmas because I'm not working," Collado said. Jennings Jackets.jpg

But she felt blessed on Saturday after the New Life Covenant Church in her Chicago neighborhood went door-to-door and invited her family to a special celebration Saturday. The church would provide children jackets, school supplies, haircuts, pictures and toys and also allow them to play games, sing songs and meet Bears cornerback Tim Jennings.

What's the catch, Collado thought?

There wasn't one, and Collado was all smiles Saturday evening.

"Things like this brighten up your day," she said.

Asked if her kids needed a new jacket, Collado said, "Oh my gosh yes.

"He was busting out of the seams," she said, pointing to her oldest son, "and my younger son's was too light. We're just lucky it hasn't been too cold yet."

A huge Bears fan, she even got a picture with Jennings, who was humbled to attend the event.

"My family, we didn't have everything so I know what it's like," said Jennings, who grew up in South Carolina. "It's great to help kids. Anytime you can give back to the community, it's always a positive, especially with everything going on in the world."

In the midst of a Pro Bowl season, Jennings said he's still adjusting to his increased popularity.

"I guess it's been a good year for me so it's always good to give back to people who support me," he said.

New Life Covenant Church senior pastor Wilfredo DeJesus was thankful that Hand of Hope, the mission arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, and Jennings helped make the event even more special.

"You see these sports figures on TV and it makes it real when they're on site," DeJesus said. "It's a collaboration of a lot of people to make Christmas special for children in lieu of what happened Friday."

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