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Reflecting on Jerry Angelo ouster

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The expectation is that the Bears will act quickly on Lovie Smith's future.

First, there's timing.

Nearly a dozen NFL head coaches are perceived to be on the hot seat, which means teams will move quickly to fire and hire. Maybe not Monday but within a few days of the season ending. Move slowly, and a club falls behind the pack making a change.

Second, there's history.

Last year, after an 8-8 season, the Bears relieved longtime general manager Jerry Angelo of his duties two days after the season ended with a 17-13 victory in Minneapolis over the Minnesota Vikings. On that day, Bears president Ted Phillips confirmed that Smith would be retained and that the club parted ways with offensive coordinator Mike Martz because of "philosophical differences."

The 8-8 finish was a disappointment after a 7-3 start.

Smith is 81-63 as Bears coach. But his team struggled again down the stretch this season, becoming just the second team since 1990 to miss the playoffs after starting 7-1.

The Bears finished 10-6 with a 26-24 victory in Detroit Sunday.

Last season, as they searched for a replacement for Angelo, the Bears brass interviewed candidates and made it clear that Smith would remain as the head coach in 2012. After that, though, the GM would have the autonomy to make a change.

Now the question is whether Emery ends the Smith tenure or extends it at least another season.

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The decision should be obvious. Smith cannot keep this team on course for 16 games. Maybe 8 games but not 16. If he is as good a leader as his players maintain, it certainly is not obvious to the fans or media. The Bears will never be anything more than mediocre under Lovie. Time for a head coach with an offensive agenda. While Cutler is no Aaron Rodgers he certainly has enough talent to take the Bears to a level that Lovie could not achieve with some better parts around him. If Kellen Davis is Lovie's idea of a tight end than that should answer the question for Phil Emery. He needs to go, period.

I agree. Lovie just doesn't understand that in todays NFL, it is all about the offense. They should never have gotten rid of Greg Olsen. If they would have kept him, this would be an explosive offense, even with the line problems. One of the biggest problems Lovie had was using the personnel he has in the best way possible, not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Change the hole!! So that it fits your personnel. Just saying.

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