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Phil Emery says Lovie Smith has done 'outstanding' job

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DETROIT -- It's been widely speculated that Lovie Smith's future with the Bears may very well come down to what happens on Sunday.

In order to make the playoffs, the Bears need to defeat the Detroit Lions at Ford Field and hope that the Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings later at the Metrodome.

Asked about Smith during his weekly pre-game interview on WBBM-AM (780) on Sunday, first-year general manager Phil Emery didn't tip his hand.

Emery did say Smith has "done an outstanding job coaching the Bears" and called him a "great team-first person." But he's made similar comments earlier this season.

Emery compared and likened his evaluation of coaches to his evaluation of players. Smith, who took over the Bears in 2004, has one year remaining on his contract.

"When you're evaluating players, you're always looking for body of work," Emery told WBBM. "No different when you're evaluating coaches."

"It's is the full season, and the whole body of work.

"It's about steady progress toward our goals which is to win championships."

Coming into Sunday, the Bears have lost five of their last seven games after starting off 7-1. The Bears have made the playoffs just once since 2007.

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They'll definitely be in the playoffs this season, but it will be one and done in San Fran. Not just one and done, but another 49ers blowout. The better question is, what does Emery decide after that? The answer is that he doesn't decide. Lovie is one of Virginia's pets and for that reason we'll almost certainly be stuck with him at least another year. The worst nightmare is if they extend him multiple years as opposed to allowing him to be a lame duck until the end of his contract. The latter will probably be the most likely outcome. Mike Tice could be this year's sacrificial lamb.

If the bears get in they definitely have a shot to beat sf....smith is banged up and with him hurt that Dline isn't so fearsome as we saw what Seattle did to them...not too mention the sf wide receivers are all banged up...maybe getting in the playoffs is what the o needs to loosen up and just play..the oline still sucks but only 10 sacks in 7 games is not that bad..

If the new G.M. Emery thinks Lovie has done an outstanding job, he's nothing but another McCaskey puppet.

No playoffs this year....

If you think Lovie has done a good job think again, 1 team over 500 we beat this year that my friend is terrible, pitiful that is all i have to say. one more thing LETS DRAFT ANOTHER 7th round offensive linemen and give cutler his 7th concussion. Lovie has to go.

UPDATE: LOL. Well now that today's games are over, it looks like the Bears did their job but the Vikings did theirs as well, and thus the Bears are out.of the playoffs. Even so, it's still hard to see Virginia's pet heading to the exit tomorrow but also hard to envision an extension. Looks like we'll be in for a lame duck.

Doesn't sound like Lovie is going anywhere eventhough the bears didn't make the plays once again...if he does stay emery better make big changes with the oline...big FA acquisition plus a couple of high draft picks...if we had an average oline versus the group of stiffs we had we would have easily been 12-4 or 13-3. A big TE who can actually catch is a definite a nickel back that can actually cover as Hayden and DJ Moore both play like hot garbage. I know people say Lovie will be fired but based on those comments emery made I don't see it...sorry folks.

Another season of high hopes with little results. This whole organization sucks year after year. Bring in a head coach and staff with some stones. This current coaching staff is ridiculous and sucks the you know what. Bear fans are tired of this nonsense.

Lovie's record pretty much speaks for itself. When playing teams with a record below 500 Lovie wins 7 out of 10. When playing teams with a 500 record he wins 4.5 out of 10. When playing teams over 500 he wins 3 out of 10. We will never win a SB with a record of 3 out of 10 against winning teams.

If Lovie is retained but not extended, then there's no way they will fire Tice because they won't be able to replace him. No one will take the offensive coordinator job if Lovie is a one-year lame duck. So either everyone stays for one more year or everyone goes. There's no in-between at this point.

enough is enough. if the front office is afraid to make changes, then we are in for another year of dismal leadership. if you stay the same then you are falling behind. we have seen enough of "I didn't have this team prepared" syndrome.

Oh my! What is all this mean, mean hateful talking about firing Lovie SMith the greatest Head Coach in the NFL??? DO I have to remind you savage baboons that Lovie has the most wins of any Bears coach aside from Ditka and Georgie Halas? Yes, it's true! And I don't know about the rest of you (who sound like Packer fans) but I have loved seeing the bears offense over the last bunch of years go three and out over and over again so the defense woulkd take the field because it adds mystery and excitement to the game! And that's Bears football! Yeah!

So shut your mouths you closet meanie Packr fans and hope Coach Lovie comes back next year and the year after that and the year after that! Humph!

Everyone needs to step back off the ledge and take a deep breath! The entire body of work needs to be taken into account when deciding the fait of Coach Smith!

I'm with you Bob. If Lovie Smith has done a good job, mediocrity is the standard for the Chicago Bears Football organization. Get Smith and Urlacher out of town and start over without the insipid Cover 2 and the simplistic Sesame Street play calling.

Three things that spring to mind when evaluating the entire body of work for Lovie Smith:

-teams that have our number consistently beat us. We do nothing to adapt or confuse teams we play. This is not high school, or college football. These are professionals, and we don't belong in the same discussion with them. How many times did Tice call the combo route where Bennett ran the flare, and Marshall ran the square in? The Lions figured it out the second time we ran it, and we ran it at least 5 other times. The coaches think every other team is as dumb and unimaginative as they are.

--playoff teams, or even better than .500 teams. We beat 1 all year, and Lovie only wins 30% of those games. When good coaching and good talent are on the other side of the field, we aren't able to consistently compete.

--Late season collapses. We were in a great spot in the NFC at 7-1, yet went 3-5 the second half of the season. That has a lot to do with talent, but also a lot to do with coaching. We rely too much on big plays on defense, and they wear down late in the year. Briggs was terrible down the stretch, and missed more tackles than I have ever seen. The only team the defense dominated down the stretch was the Cardinals, and they didn't sustain that throughout.

The biggest problem I have with the coaching staff is devotion to mediocre or worse players. If the coaches did not believe in Webb, he would not have been starting. If the coaches did not believe in Kellen Davis, he would not have gotten a contract. If the coaches did not believe Martz's system was the future, we might have had a weapon at TE that could at least catch the ball to go with Marshall...Or Devin Hester would not be a key cog in this offense, when he cannot run a correct route after 4 years in the position. Sanzenbacher was active for how many games this year? And Joe Anderson comes in and lights up special teams This staff needs to go, for no other reason than they have been here too long, and they can't see the forest for the trees any more. We need a fresh start, and we need a scheme change. We have been drafting players for another defensive scheme for 3 years now, so we may as well make the switch. We also need someone who can orchestrate an offense. Tice did ok with what he had to work with, but he was late getting calls in all season, predictable, and unimaginative on the whole.

Please make a change, just not to a 3-4...Can't stand the idea of 2 MLBs in Chicago...

Lovie has had years to fix the o line and give cutler time.. he's failed
Devin Hester wr experiment.. failed
Beating green bay.. failed
Making playoffs.. failed
8 years to win a super bowl.. failed

All I see is failure.

Fire Lovie and bring in Bill Cower!!

Lovie cannot fix the OL. That was Jerry's job, and he failed horribly.

The Bears got screwed by the officials in the second GB game - to an extend I thought not possible with the PIs called on Jeffery.

HOWEVER, the loss to Seattle, in my mind, doomed Lovie's future. He is a defensive head coach, and the Bears could not stop the Seahawks in the 4th qter and OT.

For me, that was the game that made me feel like Lovie should be let go.

HOWEVER, I think, if Emery tries to pull a "Josh McDaniel," and turn the Bears into New England 2.0 - I think it we'll see 2-3 losing seasons, resulting in Emery's firing, and 2-3 more losing seasons after that.

The Bears have good pieces in place. They're not all old. Some new contract work, keeping Cutler, Marshall, maybe even Urlacher - and the Bears defensive coaching staff, could keep the team on pace for continued success with a new, offensive minded WC offense coach. That would honestly be a good fit for Cutler, Marshall, and Forte.

Remember, the Bears did go 10-6 this season with a pretty tough schedule and a lot of injuries. blowing up the team now would be a major mistake.

And FTR, no member of the Bellichick coaching tree has had ANY SUCCESS at the college or pro level - maybe the guy from Penn State, but that's it. I don't consider the ND guy a member of the tree.

If he brings in any member of the Belichick coaching tree, I am giving up on the Bears....Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, McDaniels, Weis, Bill O'Brien...the list can go on and on.

This needs to be either an offensive coach, or one that has a great offensive coordinator in mind to work with him.

We need an Andy Reid or Norv Turner-type offensive coach, but not sure I would want either of those guys as the HC.

I still think Jeff Jagodzinski would make a great OC, but that would still leave us a head coach to find, and my favorite for the job would be Brian Billick. Still a very sound offensive mind, knows how to coach a defense-centric team, and has been a Super Bowl winner as a HC.

I hate the idea of Gruden, and Cowher and Mariucci won't leave the booth. Holmgren might want to stick it to GB, but then we end up with a power struggle with Emery and Holmgren for personnel authority.

Get it done fast, and bring in a guy who can build an offense around Cutler, Marshall, Forte, and a revamped OL and TE corps. The defense needs to take a step back this offseason, because of our needs on offense, and a defensive head coach will not allow that to happen.

Lovie can't fix the O-line? He is the guy that scouted Chris Williams? He worked Williams out twice. Not to mention when it came to the draft Angelo was a concensus builder, and nobody had more say in that concensus than Lovie. If Lovie said I need offensive line help go get it, Angelo would have gotten it. Just like when he said I need Peppers, and he got Peppers. Lovie wanted McLellin as much as Emery but look where he played him. Lovie has had his hands in tons of draft picks. Guys like Gilbert, you need O-Line help andyou draft that clown.

You know what Lovie was good at? Creating distance between himself and problems on the team. It was always sombody elses fault. Please expllain to me that if Lovie has no say in the draft how come when you had the worst O-Line in football for the second or third consecutive season he made the call to stick with Webb and they somehow drafted McClellin? Tice does not decide who plays on offense, he does not set the roster. Lovie does, that's his job. Lovie and Angelo both wanted Hester as their number 1 reciever, but Angelo does not set the roster, Lovie does and he kept playing him over and over.

Lovie got what he deserved, end of story. Oh and saying it will be 2-3 years to rebuild like it's some revolation is a crock. Of course it takes time to rebuild, who doesn't know that. 9 years with Smith and it was not working. What you think next year it was finally going to click. Lovie was all about defense, and could give two ##### about offense and he proved it time and again. That fool couldn't even figure out who to hire as his OC. What did you think would happen when Brian was gone and Peppers was gone? Go pay for more high price free agents? Clearly they can't draft talent no matter who the GM is. I mean look at Emery's staff his Pro player guy was an Angelo scout and his director of college scouting was a Angelo scout. They didn't hire anyone new for the scouting staff. Most of the time if your watching the Bears use their coaches as scouts. You know like Lovie, Tice, and Rod.

Look you wanna live in football hell with team mediocre that has been to the playoff's once in 6 years. I would rather lose big than win small, at least they get draft picks when they are bad. Lovie makes sure you don't make the playoff's and get a late draft pick. If you need to go backwards to go forward than fine. This team would have been broken apart next year anyway.

Oh and they are not keeping guys like Rod and Babich, those guys are gone, Tice is gone, Drake is gone(crossing fingers and hoping on one foot). Don't get me wrong I don't know what they are going to do, and I think Emery is a mook, but at least they have a chance to change things now. You can't change anything if you don't do anything. Should Lovie have been given OC number 5, which is his own hand picked choice as usual? Lovie always got what he wanted the draft focused on defense, big name FA agents, trades for defensive players. This was Lovie, man and what he did got his ### canned.

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