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Matt Forte insists he will not miss the finale in Detroit

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Bears running back Matt Forte injured his right ankle for a third time this season, and he left the University of Phoenix Stadium in a walking boot.

But count on him playing in the must-win finale against the Detroit Lions.

"I can't see myself missing next week," he told me. "Nah." Forte Cards.jpg

Forte was on pace for arguably his best game of the season. At halftime, he had 12 carries for 88 yards, including a four-yard touchdown. But Forte injured his right ankle very early in the third quarter, and he was ruled out. Kahlil Bell and Armando Allen finished the game a combined 18 runs for 56 yards.

"Frustrating," Forte said of the repeat injury. "But I just got to get healthy for next week. I would have liked to finish the game and get over 100 yards and all that stuff. This is the third time someone has felt on my ankle, so it's aggravating."

Granted, the Arizona Cardinals had the league's worst run defense. But the Bears can't be too picky; their offensive line did open up some sizable holes for Forte in the first half.

"Great lanes. The offensive line did a great job," Forte said. . With running games like that, you can make moves in the open field and get extra yards. It's unfortunate I had to leave the game. But I felt we were really starting to roll."

Something else worth noting is that the Bears offensive line didn't have any false starts or holding penalties.

"It's fun to finally do what we're supposed to do. These past weeks, we haven't been able to get that," center Roberto Garza said. "Definitely getting this win and doing some good things will help us."

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This attitude is considerably different that the one he had pror to his new contract. At tht time an injury everyone said was minor, he claimed was major enough to keep him from playing. I hope he does not get too many plaudits for courage regarding playing hurt.

I still think he should be applauded for playing injured. Before he was uncertain about his future with the team, why risk his body and career on a team that didn't seemed interested in having you back. I don't blame him then. If he sat out now I'd blame him because now the team showed they want to invest in him.

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