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Matt Forte doing all he can to play Sunday vs. Detroit

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22forte1.jpgBears running back Matt Forte listed a number of different things he's doing to get his right ankle -- which he's sprained three times this season -- ready for this Sunday's crucial matchup against the Detroit Lions.

"I've been doing acupuncture, chiropractics stuff, soft-issue work, hyperbaric chamber -- [the] same stuff [as before]," Forte said Friday after practice.

But Forte said this time it seems to be working better. He is officially listed as probable after being a full participant in practice.

"Since I've sprained it the first time and it hadn't all the way healed, so it's not a lot more damage than like the first time," Forte said.

Either way, he's ready to play through some pain at Ford Field.

"That's what you've got to do," Forte said. "I know it's going to be painfu, especially when you get tackled or do running stuff. But it would just be like the Dallas game [on Oct. 1], where I got hurt on the first play and I just had to get re-taped."

Asked if he would sit out if this wasn't a must-win game for the Bears, Forte said, "No." But he acknowledged his ankle will be susceptible to further injury.

"Playing running back, it's always susceptible," said Forte, who is nine yards shy of 1,000 rushing yards for the season. "Just everybody flying around. I'm in the pile [with] everybody falling over the place everywhere, it's just one of those things."

Forte said this wasn't the first time he's used acupuncture to treat an injury.

"I've heard about it from a lot of guys," Forte said. "I tried it one time with my knee, when I had my knee scoped like four years ago. I figured it wouldn't hurt."

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With the season on the line, Matt Forte needs to play. He sounds like he wants to play. The Bears are thin at running back right now, they have Kahlil Bell, but even Armando Allen is banged up right now. I think Forte will be alright, he's just gonna have to play through the pain. Like I said, the season is on the line, and so are a lot of jobs if you ctach my drift. Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

ahhhhh.....hey keevin BUMsted guess waht Forte is a BUST! Donut even get me started on those loosers Bell ans Allan. Wow waht a joke the Bears are they will loose this game I guarenatee sense i amm alllways rite and i only give FACTS!

but yuou guys now me old crap-ton....just trying to be posative!

p.s. Doo do doo do doodo GO PACK GO! ahh tah taaron rodegers is soooo dreamy! X-D

pps i HATE BRANDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Forte, you are a franchise back, our feature tail back. Great running backs play through pain, unless it is really bad. Sprain Ankle? Tape it up and play.

People keep suggesting that heads will roll if the Bears do not make the play-offs. I doubt that assertion. I suspect the status quo will be maintained whether the Bears make the play-offs or not.Much as Smith seems to have inspired serious dislike if not out and out hatred from many Bear fans, the people who really matter seem to really like him. I think the Bears could do a whole lot worse than having him as a coach, but also believe there are better options out there. Right now, I would love to see the Bears make the play-offs and go all the way, no matter who is coaching them. Smith has behaved like a gentleman in his low key,non-confrontational way. would a bit more passion and even anger be in order at times? Certainly. But be careful what you wish for.

How about hiring some coaches with winning in their background. How about not wasting money year after year on backup running backs with multimillion dollar salaries and 400 yard seasons. How about getting a O line with some of that wasted money. How about some intelligence in the Bears front office and coaching staff. Sorry, I must be delusional. A life long Bears fan, looking to resign, because this organization is stuck on mediocrity.

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