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Bears WR Brandon Marshall: 'Everyone on offense should be held accountable'

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MarshallBrandon.jpgFew players are as passionate as Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall. And that emotion was on display Sunday after the Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers 21-13 at Soldier Field and fell out of playoff contention.

Marshall nearly came to tears when addressing the Bears' offense to the media after the loss.

"Everybody involved in offense should be held accountable, even if that means jobs," said Marshall, who had six catches for 56 yards and a touchdown. "Everyone on offense should be held accountable. It's been this way all year. There's no excuse. We still have two games left. There's still hope but at the same time, we need to be held accountable."

After a decent start, the Bears' offense -- as seemingly always -- struggled against the Packers. The Bears produced only 190 total net yards. Jay Cutler was 12-for-21 for 135 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

With the win, the Packers clinched the NFC North. With the loss, the Bears dropped to seventh in the NFC. They've lost five of their last six games after a 7-1 start.

The Bears entered Sunday's game with the 28th ranked offense.

"It's very frustrating," Marshall said. "You can see it on my face right now. Self explanatory."

It was Marshall's shortest post-game press conference of the season. Marshall, who has become a vocal and emotional leader for the Bears, left the lectern visibly upset. Marshall has been far and away the Bears' best player this season.

"It's been the same way all year," Marshall said of the Bears' offense. "It's the same thing every single game. We need to be held accountable.

"What I have to do is try my best to keep it together and not let this affect me because it's starting to affect me more than it should. I love this game. I'm very passionate about this game, and right now it's affecting me way to much. I'm trying my all to do my job.

"So... that's it."

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But Lovie won`t hold them accountable

28th ranked offense? With all those defensive TD's they rank 28th? So they are probably closer to 31st.

That's defensive tds. Not offensive...

So now "little T.O." is going to start crying at pressers like big T.O. ??
What next? ... "Thasss mah team-mate ..(sniff) ... thass mah quahtahback (sniffle .. sob!)"

meltdown pending. We have the poor man's Jeff George throwing to little T.O.
and not only are we losing ... now we're CRYIN' about it!!!

Fire the LOT of 'em ... starting with Lovie and Tice.

sorry brandon bears did their usual mid season swan dive. and jay cutler is not nor will ever be an elite qb. he cost you this game with his critical int like he did last week vs. vikings and inI the first gb game when he threw 4 ints a jay cutler trademark. like john madden once said turnovers are the only statistic that means anything.

He needs to stop crying and wipe his eyes a few years ago all we could hear frome this big slobering baby. Was how bad he wanted. To be traded from the broncos now that he got what he wanted hes mad cuz his team sucks this year you should have stuck wit the broncos Brandon and u wouldn't be crying ur self to sleep...

Fire Lovie and send him off with 60000 fans in attendance serenading him with the righteous brothers hit"We've lost that Loveing feeling"!

Actually all scoring is placed under scoring and total offense is just yards. Official stats don't seperate scoring it's just scoring. If they did Bears would be around 26th in scoring offense. Although number 1 in scoring defense.

I can't believe some of the idiots on this string. Marshall is 100% right and you should be applauding him for saying what he did. Lovie Smith has got to go, no more excuses!

First off, people should stop using such pejorative language about how Marshall is reacting. I was so afraid of this happening. This is Borderline Personality Disorder writ large on a person who has done all he can to overcome it. There are two sides to Brandon's reaction. One is his disappointment in the team. His disappointment that regardless of his best efforts both on and of the field the season is pretty much done. The other factor is how the disorder makes him emotional. He shouldn't have made the comments before the game about how much he dislikes the Packers. That made him too vulnerable in the case of a loss and we are seeing the results. What has he done wrong? Anyone have any answer to that along with the put-downs? This country is at a moment when more than ever we need to understand mental illness and not give in to knee-jerk impulses to put people down when they are doing their best. As a person with BPD, Brandon Marshall's public disclosure of having BPD has changed my life. He has done all he can to change his own life. BPD is not something that goes away. He is very fresh out of therapy and has done incredibly well considering the stress he is under and how he has put himself out there for all to see. Now how about giving him the support and love he needs. He is an incredible man and win or lose, the Bears are lucky to have him.

I fully support Marshall's comments. I wholehearedly agree that accountability should lead to job insecurity. THE SAME SHOULD HOLD TRUE FOR OFFICALS!
I think I was as upset about this game as Marshall was, and yet I hope we both calm down, win the next two, get in the playoffs, and even possibly get another crack at Green Bay, the way they did at us a couple of years' ago. Look where that put them. We should also remember theat the Bears won the Division the year the Packers won the Super Bowl, and split with the Packers that year until the play-offs.

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