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Lovie Smith still unsure why Russell Wilson ran so well on his defense

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With an evening and morning to digest the 23-17 overtime loss, Bears coach Lovie Smith still isn't sure why the defense struggled to contain Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.

"I wish I knew. If I knew that, believe me, we would have done everything we possibly could to contain him," Smith said. "We contain most guys but sometimes it happens like that.

"Sometimes they're better than you on that day and that's how it was yesterday." Wilson Run.jpg

Wilson kept the Bears defense off balance with his mobility and accuracy. He completed 23 of 37 passes for 293 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions as well as nine runs for 71 yards. On the final two touchdown series, Wilson was nine of 12 for 118 yards with two touchdowns, and he also ran the ball five times for 47 yards.

The Bears did win the turnover battle, but they only got one, which occurred on the opening series when Brian Urlacher stripped Marshawn Lynch and cornerback Kelvin Hayden recovered the ball.

"Defensive side of the ball, starting the game off with a takeaway - the only takeaway which isn't good," Smith said. "We go into every game hoping to get at least three. We feel like we need to get three, and we didn't."

But there were other problems, including 3rd downs (Seahawks converted 53 percent) and stopping the run (176 rushing yards allowed).

"We had an opportunity throughout the game. Haven't played many defensive games like that at Soldier Field and we won't play hopefully any more," Smith said.

Asked if the ends were conscious of keeping Wilson contained in the pocket, Smith said, "Yeah, like they've been just about every game this year?

"Yea, that same approach. Ends, rest of our guys keeping him contained. We didn't do that yesterday."

Wilson was sacked twice, and he was only pressured two other instances, according to the game statistics.

"I thought we had good pressure last week," Smith said, referring to the 28-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings. "We didn't this week. So everything you're going to ask me about yesterday's game, yeah, you're right - pass rush wasn't there, we didn't contain the quarterback the way we needed to, we didn't get off the field on third downs, take the ball away as much as we needed to. Those things, you're right. Yesterday."

So did anybody play well on defense?

"No. Can't even point anybody out and I don't think you can go to many of the guys," he said. "Just about every good defensive game we've played around here, we've all had something to do with that player-wise. And yesterday we all had something to do with that performance that we're not proud of."

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Bears are a paper tiger.

Lovie and that "Cover Who" needs to go!
Chucky would look good on the Bears sideline. I'm one hoping we don't make playoffs and then clean house!!

I wouldn't freak out about the Bears defense just yet, yes Russell Wilson torched them, but so did Cam Newton a couple weeks back, no one talked about that because the Bears won the game. The thing is had safety Major Wright held onto that interception late in the game vs Seattle the Bears would have won this game, and no one would be talking about the defense breaking down and how great Russell Wilson was. Thats the key difference between sundays game and a handful of other games where the Bears defense has gotton torched by players like Cam Newton, Chris Johnson, and Adrain Peterson, the only difference between them players and Wilson is Wilsons team won because Wilson got lucky, and again for emphasis, LUCKY that a key late game interception he threw was dropped. Again, had Wright held onto that pick we'd be talking about how good the Bears defense is and how Wilson made a rookie mistake. Sometimes the ball just doesn't bounce your way I guess, oh well GO BEARS!!

It's not an interception if it is dropped. I keep looking at the stat line and Wilson didn't throw any picks. So what you are saying is that, if the defense had not failed to do it's job they Bears may have won? How very observant of you. Yes if the degfense does not give up points and makes plays you tend to win. They didn't do that You forgot about the 49ers QB smoking the Bears defense, or did you not mention him to help support your argument?

Maybe the age of the "star" players and lack of depth. I know can't blame lovie because he's not the gm, but don't tell me he didn't have any say with ja.

I have to agree with Anonymous here, who sounds a bit like Creighton,Kevin. I would say that the real problem was what so many teams have with R.G.III. The defensive ends get suckered in and are not able to recover fast enough to catch a really fast quarterback. That's a product of good faking on the quarterback's and running back's parts. Penetration helps, but if the end extends too far outside, cutbacks can work. Washington has some great play designs along those lines. O'm glad the Bears do not play them, or at least won't unless it is in the playoffs.

Hopefully this season is Lovie Smith's swan song. That's a far bigger issue than Urlacher, not that he won't be celebrated as the great linebacker he was. As a Bear fan I'll be rooting for them in each game, but in the big picture it would be good if they tank the rest of the season so they can get rid of Smith, as El Barto mentioned. Of course that would be the easy half of fixing this team; the difficult half would be hiring a good head coach, which the Bears haven't done since Ditka.

C'mon man!! Tank the season? Be serious. They are tied for first place and control their own destiny. I do not know what you consider success, WFB . Smith has his faults, but the Bears have still done very well with him at the helm. If the Bears win the Super Bowl this year, I can still seeing the hate Lovie people screaming for his head. That perspective is ludicrous. I would bet you were also an Orton supporter even after Rex G. took the Bears to the Super Bowl behind a great defense. Do you hate Cutler as well? How about Marshall?

Missing the playoffs four of the last five years -- five of the last six if they don't make it this season -- is doing "very well"? I know we Chicago sports fans are used to losing, but really! Being successful is being competitive and making the playoffs almost every year and winning a Super Bowl once in awhile. See Giants, Patriots, Packers, and Niners for examples. Lovie Smith is nowhere near that. With the injuries and the poor defensive play lately, there's a good chance the Bears won't make the playoffs this season, and they're not going back to the Super Bowl with Lovie Smith as head coach. I won't get into the specifics about what's wrong with Smith, I've written about them for years on this blog.

As to tanking, I made it clear that I'd still be rooting for the Bears to win each game. I did not mean "tank" as a verb, but as a noun. In other words, I don't want the Bears to purposely lose games, but when I take a deep breath and step back, the best chance that the Bears have to eventually have a successful organization (as defined above) would be for the Bears to not make the playoffs so we could finally be rid of Smith. Otherwise, we're doomed to mediocrity for the foreseeable future. And like I said earlier, they can't just fire Smith, they also have to hire someone a lot better.

If the Bears win the Super Bowl under Lovie Smith, I'll say I'm wrong, never say anything bad about Smith again, and never comment on this blog again. I've always said I can't stand his style of play or his stoic style on the sidelines, but I've also said that if he can win like that I'll be happy and deal with the style. The problem is that the Bears have no chance of getting to the Super Bowl with Lovie Smith as head coach.

However, you're delusional if you think the Bears have any chance of winning the Super Bowl this season. They can't beat San Francisco, New York (if they play well), Green Bay (if they get healthy), and probably Atlanta. And as of now, they can't even beat Seattle in Chicago (realize that Seattle was 1-5 on the road before they beat the Bears). How in the world do you envision them getting to the Super Bowl?

As to your comments about other players: Only a complete idiot did not want Grossman to replace Orton, but I realized after the New England game in 2006 that Grossman was hugely deficient. They won the NFC despite Grossman, not because of him. I am a big supporter of Cutler and have been since I saw him play in Denver. If it weren't for him the Bears would be about 4-8, not 8-4. Same for Brandon Marshall. I don't know where you'd get the idea I don't like those two, there's nothing in my post to indicate that.

Lovie is 21-41 against teams with a winning record. So how do you meassure sucess? McCarthy is 9-5 against Lovie, and the Bears have not beat the Packers since 2010 and have dropped 5 in a row.

The Bears will not win the Super Bowl this year or next year. Rex Sucks and did next to nothing for that Bears. It was Thomas Jones, Special Teams, Hester and Defense that got them to a Super Bowl. That and a weak NFC at the time.

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