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Lovie Smith says there are no changes to his coaching staff

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A day after Brandon Marshall emotionally insisted for accountability for the struggles of the offense, Bears coach Lovie Smith at least made clear that none of his assistants will be affected for the upcoming game in Arizona.

"We'll have our same coaching staff that we had yesterday will be in their same jobs this week," Smith said.

Following a 21-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday, Marshall said, "Everybody involved in offense should be held accountable, even if that means jobs."

He repeated his comment later in his press conference. Lovie.jpg

Smith said accountability is always a buzz word at Halas Hall.

"I would like to think all throughout the season we stress being accountable with every position, with all of us - coaches, players and all of us," Smith said. "I don't think anything has changed from that."

Smith did say that the Bears offense has to do better, pointing out Roberto Garza's 3rd and 1 false start penalty on the opening series, Jay Cutler's interception, Alshon Jeffery's pass interference penalties and the pair of field goals after Packer turnovers.

Smith, of course, didn't call any of the players out, only referring to the plays or series.

"All of those were big plays in the game," he said. "Then just being able to make a couple of other plays throughout. We watched the video. There were plays to be made out there.

"And eventually, it's going to come back to that. You got to perform and part of performance is not getting yourself in some of those positions."

Surely, after another miserable performance, something has to be shuffled on offense?

Perhaps it's time to give rookie Evan Rodriguez a shot to catch some balls. Or maybe throw the ball to rookie receiver Joe Anderson and see what he can do. As for the offensive line, there's not much more shuffling that can be done; they've given everyone a shot to shine, getting just mixed results.

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No changes.........YET!!! CLEAN HOUSE! 2 weeks to go!

Accountability is a buzz word? I would much rather it be an action word. As in your fired. He is a failure, he can't beat his rival, he can't develop players, he has no eye for talent, he is a horrid in game coach and he breeds dissension among the offense and defense and the team and the fans. he is Arrogant, and a coward who speaks of accountability but always throws his coaches under the bus and hides behind his failed choices at OC. His defense doesn't get enough turnovers and it's the players fault. It's not his fault that the basis of his defense is to stay on the field until you get a turnover, some crazy teams just like to 3 and out you and keep your offense off the field. But not this guy. No he wants to stay on the field and hope to get a fumble, a strip or a pick. Yeah that's a great plan. Oh and thank you for yet another wonderful offense, this one was just brilliant. Oh and I love your players attitudes, always blaming the fans and the media. Maybe the Captain of your defense can just start giving the media all yes or no answers. Oh wait he did that during his last temper tantrum. Thanks for teaching them the "Pamper us mentality" How about teaching them the the 49ers motto "Beat the #### out of the opponent mentality."

The Bears are soft.

There are 2 major problems with the Bears-- there offensive line,mostly at both tackles, and offense game planning and play calling.Besides the sacks and poor run blocking, poor clock management(getting the play to Cutler in a timely manner-3to4 times vs, Green Bay), it was obvious the o.c. had not a clue when he called 3 running plays with 1st and 4 for a touchdown. Even Woody Hayes had more imagination! This is the NFL-- Cutler is going to have a very short career and end up like Jim McMahon if Lovie doesn't get fired up about a good offense.I say hire Lenti from Mt. Carmel!

It is time to give rookie Evan Rodriguez a chance to catch some balls He was drafted as a TE/ Fb so give him the chance at that, not only for blocking! The last game got me upset because he was wide open & Jay Cutler didn't even bother to throw to Evan. What is wrong with that picture? We do need help on offensive bad!!

I'm all for Rodriuez and Anderson getting chances, but perhaps the timing is not all that propitious to inaugerate mass changes. Morgan looked great on special teams, and Roriguez made a couple of nice blocks against Green Bay, but Whose places would they take ? Maybe the Bears would not miss Davis all that much, But I cannot see Bennet being displaced if he is healthy.
I'm contrite about calling for the guy who got burned pretty regularly on pass defense. He did show me why he has not been activated very often. A critical lapse on third and long over the middle while the man he was supposed to be covering trotted on by him comes to mind. It seems he was admiring Rodgers instead of watching his man.

Smith has turned into an sideline zombie with an imbecilic stare and the lack of truthfulness in anything he says.

The McCaskeys are the worst owners in football.

With this rapidly aging defense and the refusal to create a great OL, this team with its crappy owners is going into hibernation for a looooong time. Somehow, since I like the NFL, I'm going to have to find a new team to root for. This one is near criminally inept, and I'm tired of watching pathetic clowns pretend they're a good team.

7-1 to 8-6. Lovie is now Josh McDaniels.

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