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Lions' Dominic Raiola calls Bears' Henry Melton 'a clown'

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melton2.jpgIt was bound to happen. A day after Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton called the Detroit Lions "dirty" and singled out center Dominic Raiola as an "old" trash-talker who takes cheap shots, Raiola fired back.

Raiola was asked about Melton's comments on Thursday

"Who? Who?" Raiola told the Detroit Free Press. "Exactly.

"You've got a defense full of superstars and you don't hear from the guys that carry weight in my book. [Brian] Urlacher, [Lance] Briggs, [Charles] Tillman, [Israel] Idonije, [Julius] Peppers, the guys that have been there. We're talking about guys who carry weight.

"This guy (Melton)? Not in my book"

Melton was named to his first Pro Bowl on Wednesday, which Raiola didn't agree with.

"This guy made the Pro Bowl?" Raiola told the Detroit Free Press. "[Over the Minnesota Vikings'] Kevin Williams, who worked through injuries all year. [Over Ndamukong] Suh, who's a better player than this guy.

"He made the Pro Bowl? Come on."

Raoila didn't end there. Melton has missed the past two games with a collarbone injury, but hopes to play Sunday against the Lions.

"It's tiresome, especially from a guy like this -- a guy that didn't even play the past two weeks," Raiola said. "He's a clown"

Asked about Raiola's comments later Thursday, Melton took the high road.

"Well, I do have a lot to say about him, but I'll be the bigger man and let my play do the talking," Melton said.

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Man what is Melton doing? Don't give a team with nothng to play for something to play for. Plus why is it that the Bears only talk smack against bad teams? They don't say jack when it comes to teams like the 49ers who make a living roughing you up till after the whistle. But here come the Lions and now they are all talk. When it comes to pentalties the Bears are tied with the Lions at 6.6 a game. Letsnot dip into the relm of who is on team stupid either, not when Lovie can't figure out what the clock or challenge flag are for and don't know how to get an offensive play call in without takin a timeout. Not to mention having one of the dumbest OC's in nfl history. I mean come on the league had to change practices league wide because of Tice, not to mention the Party boat and selling tickets. I mean really. How about we also not compare O-Lines Henry, the Lions have a good line and the Bears line is a league wide joke the last 3-4 seasons.

How about the Bears stop complaining about stuff, the mean fans, the mean media and the other teams mean players and just suck it up and play football. God when did this become team super whiny? Oh right about 9 years ago.

Suh has 4 penalties on the year, and Riola has 2, I can't really call that dirty. Peppers and Izzy each have 4 penalties, Garza gas 4 penalties, and Carimi and Webb are among the league leaders at their positions. Nick Fairly is the most penalized player on the Lions not Suh, and it is by a huge margin. Conte has been getting a rep as a dirty player and is in the top 10 for most penalized safeties.

GB has a dirty secondary, and the Bears called them out on it once and got their butts kicked again, and have not said anything about the dirty play since then. Last I remember the Bears have had their fair share of fines. Of course they compalined about the fines like everything else they whine about. Riola was right about Williams and Su bot have had betterr years than Melton, both are more consistant pass rushers and more disruptive in the passing game, and Williams is excellent against the run and does not have to leave the field when teams run the ball.

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