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Lance Briggs: Bears will rally around Lovie vs. Lions

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Lovie and Lance (2).jpgBears linebacker Lance Briggs said there will be a ''Win one for Lovie'' sentiment Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

The Bears are well aware their coach's future with the team is in doubt with the team facing the prospect of missing the playoffs for the fifth time in six seasons. The Bears (9-6) need to beat the Lions at Ford Field and the Packers to beat the Vikings at the Metrodome to make the postseason.

Even if that happens, Smith might not be return. But the team is using their coach as a rallying point this weekend. It sounds like they have a lot to lose if Smith is fired.

"Yeah, more than just Lovie. You want to win it for us,'' Briggs said. ''If you've enjoyed your time here in Chicago and the way that Lovie has treated you and us together and this camaraderie that we have then win for that.

''If Lovie is not here, that goes -- that goes with him. I've enjoyed every moment of being here in Chicago. And I don't intend on that changing. So it's time to go out and beat Detroit, and then we'll pull for the Packers.''

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To hell with "camaraderie" - WINNING is all that matters.

If beating Detroit means lovie stays
that would make this the first time in my life I rooted for the Bears' opponent!

Lovie must GO!!!

No way the Bears win this game. Johnson will have a huge day and, once again, the Bear's offense will fail to do their job. Goodbye, Lovie and thanks for nothing. You should have been fired years ago, you are not a good head coach not to mention arrogant beyond belief for someone with your record.

Amazing! Here players and coaches are storming to Lovie's defense and proclaiming him to be a great coach, while disgruntled fans scream for his head.I am not a hard-core Lovie supporter, but the way players and coaches have come forth supporting him is impressive.If, in the srange and unpredictable NFL, the Bears actually got into the play-offs and had a run like the Giants, I wonder what the Lovie haters would say.

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