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Jay Cutler says his and team's focus is on short-term not long-term future

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Maybe he just dreads the thought. Or maybe he really is that single-minded about what's directly in front of him.

But Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler isn't looking to the offseason or even to the season finale 11 days away.

Asked if 10 wins will be enough, Cutler said, "We can't worry about it.

"We've just got to get to nine wins. We can't go anywhere unless we get to nine and if we get to nine, we can talk about 10. But right now eight isn't good enough and nine might not be good enough either."

Asked about his concern that the Bears could start all over again if there's a new system/ coach: "I think that's a conversation for after the season.

"We're in the middle of the season right now. There's enough on our plate to worry about."

And asked about the uncertainty of what general manager Phil Emery will do following the 2012 season: "I don't think we can worry about that right now.

"We've got to worry about Arizona and then whatever happens at the end of the season, that's going to be a cause for concern and Phil's going to do whatever's right for this team."

Yes, plenty is at stake for a number of Bears employees over the next two weeks.

Lovie Smith. Most of his coaches. Cutler, who has a contract that expires after the 2013 season.

But Cutler is trying to stay upbeat.

"I think any time you lose games, you lose consecutive games, there's going to be that doom that sets in of what we could do differently, what we should have done," he said. "I think that's anywhere in the league. Even when I was in Denver, you lose a couple games here and there, and it's the end of the world.

"Once the season is over, I think that this organization will take time to let things settle down and figure out what the necessary steps are going forward. But as players, we can't worry about that. That can't be in the back of our mind, can't be anything we're concerned with. We can only have one concern right now, and that's Arizona."

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I agree with Cutler. All you can do is fight one battle at a time.

I think that is a good analogy about life as well!

That's not all you can do, and sometimes you have to be willing to lose battles to win the war. You have to be able to see the forest. If you can't see it for the trees, you'll never be successful in anything big.

My comments were not meant for Cutler, any other Bear player, or any Bear coach. And I'll certainly be rooting for the Bears every game, as I even did when they were 1-13 in 1969. But in the big picture, the best thing that could happen the rest of this season would be for the Bears to not make the playoffs so that Lovie Smith is gone after the season. The Bears will never have a good offense or win the Super Bowl under Smith, so the sooner they replace him with a good head coach, the better. And the worse the Bears' record this season, the better draft picks they'll have (again, not suggesting that they don't try to win, just sayin').

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