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Jay Cutler: 'It's gonna be a sad day at Halas Hall'

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jay6.jpgNews broke that the Bears fired coach Lovie Smith, while quarterback Jay Cutler was doing his weekly radio show on WMVP-AM (1000) with ESPN's "Waddle & Silvy" on Monday morning.

Cutler left the show early, but was asked about Smith's departure. The Bears have a team meeting scheduled at Halas Hall for 11 a.m.

"I think it's gonna be a sad day at Halas Hall," Cutler said. "[I have a] lot of respect for the guy. He's made friends with a lot of the players. He's a players' coach. I've been very, very lucky in my seven years to have two great coaches who gave a lot of respect to the players and listened to them."

The Bears officially announced the firing of Smith just after 11 a.m. on Monday. First-year general manager Phil Emery will meet the media at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

"I've been around Phil and got to know him. He means business," Cutler said on his show. "He wants to win now and not later. I'm sure he's got a plan in place and I'm sure it's a good one."

The Bears' offensive woes this year and in seasons past likely played a big role in the decision to fire Smith. Cutler apologized to the fans on Monday.

"Sorry offensively, we couldn't do better for you," Cutler said. "I blame a lot of this on the offense and our inability to perform week in and week out. Defensively, they've been carrying us for a while.

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This is a MISTAKE unless a BIG NAME coach is in the background already lined up. And that would be Cowher, Mike Holmgren, Bill Parcells, Brian Billick.

I prefer Jeremy Bates or a Shanahan as a radical cheap choice but are the Bears radical? Andy Reid???

Holmgren may be best. Next is Billick. We need an offensive minded coach for a change.

But if they do their "Defense thing" it's Cowher.

And if you think firing Lovie is Emery's idea, man, have you got the wrong team !

the only thing sad in Halas Hall is that Cutler is still the QB

Nice flame-bait, tool.

Cutler is arguably the best QB the Bears have EVER had. Who should they sign? Vick? Orton? Cassel? Please.

Get a grip, clown.

OK...Cutler should be next one to go....lets get a QB that respects his teammates and COACHES.

A mistake...Are you kidding me...Can't make playoffs, can't make playoffs, and can't manage game clock...Mediocracy is not getting it done. Great Move!!!

It's a shame a men of great character has to lose his job because is inability to hire a good offensive coordinator. His main problem was inability to react to situations that needed to be addressed. Also, and I'm not sure of this but it looked like it, he rarely got on any of his coordinators. The NFL is now business. Look what the Ravens did with Mike Cammoran, I don't think I spelled that correctly, anyway after three losses they fired him. The Ravens, and many teams like them, understand that you have to react immediately in this climate.
Phil Emery will hire a offensive minded head coach and will fire everyone involved with the offensive, however, on the other side of the ball he's got at least two coaches, Hoak and
Toub, who are the best in the NFL
Gook luck Chicago in finding the right head coach.


Frank Corley


Lovie and Cutler aren't the problem. Our offensive line is the problem. Cutler can only do so much when he is getting slammed to the ground, over and over. I love my Bears and will be a Bears fan until I die. But I am not happy today. Whoever the new coach ends up being, the first thing he needs to address is the offensive line.

Seeing what that "plan" is will be interesting. Any predictions, guys?

Whoever becomes the new head coach, he is inheriting a solid contender for next year. The defense will be a year older, but should still be effective; the offense is on the verge of being a powerhouse if a few good offensive linemen who can protect Cutler and help the Bears establish a running game. I suspect that Tice will also be terminated and that an offensive -minded cordinater and head coach will be hired. I do not see why anyone would refuse the jobs if offered. I don't suppose we are likely to get Ditka back, but there are a good many candidates out there. Any women coaches worth consideration? I don't mean fluff. We have enough of that with the cheerleaders across the league. How about Cutler's wife? She's a mother and knows something about reality television.

Just curious. If firing Lovie isn't Emery's idea whose is it? The owners?

I'll go on record by saying I don't thing Lovie Smith deserved to get fired, he coached his team to 10 wins despite a rash of injuries to key players like Brian Urlacher, Cutler (2 games), Lance Louis (teams best offensive lineman), cb Tim Jennins etc etc and still nearly got the Bears into the playoffs. He did the best for what he had to work with. Lovie lead the Bears to 2 NFC championships and 1 Super Bowl apperance, he at the very least deserved to coach out his contract.

The situation is what it is, a new GM almost always means a new head coach. Its a pride thing to the GM, the only way this will feel like Phil Emery's team is for Phil Emery to bring in HIS head coach, which Lovie Smith is not. I seen this coming when Jerry Angelo got the axe last season.

Im hoping Emery brings in Mike Holmgren, who dropped the Browns team prresident job pretty quick a while back. I think Holmgren could get the most out of Cutler, Forte, and Marshall. This should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Gruden! Gruden! Gruden!

Questions4u--I'm not sure what makes you say that--Do you really think Virginia McCaskey would've fired Lovie? No way--she loved the man. George McCaskey--maybe. I don't think it has to be a big name coach, although I wouldn't argue with some of those you've mentioned. Just someone offensive minded, while being able to maintain the defensive tradition.

Wayne--although I don't think Cutler is a top 5, or even 10 qb now, he really hasn't had much help until they got Marshall, and even then, the offensive line has been--not good. I'd like to see what he can do in a real offensive system.

Fix the offensive line. Use Forte, like we did before we got Marshall. Next year Alson Jeffrey will be a force. Get our replacement in camp for Urlacher
The Bears could dominate.

Wow..I'm pretty surprised here..but I think long term it will be good as long as they get an offensive minded head coach... I think Kyle Shanahan, Bruce Arians,McCoy from the Broncos or Reid or Koetter, even Gruden... I think McCoy or Shanahan may be the best, especially Shanahan with his closeness to Cutler, Bates and Marshall


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