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Brian Urlacher says he has "sore hammy"

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Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher didn't finish Sunday's overtime loss, gingerly walking off the field before the final play.

"Sore hammy. It's sore," Urlacher said on Fox Chicago. "Our trainers will look at it."

Fox Chicago sports anchor Lou Canellis jokingly asked if he'd need to carry Urlacher out. Urlacher Sprint.jpg

"I'll be able to walk out. It's not an injury," Urlacher said. "It's just sore right now. That's all it is."

Nick Roach, as he did in training camp, stepped in at middle linebacker with Urlacher out. On the final play, though, Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson completed a touchdown pass to receiver Sidney Rice.

The Bears defense allowed touchdown drives of 97 and 80 yards in the fourth quarter and overtime.

"We just didn't come through for our team," Urlacher said. "The zone read was killing us."

But Urlacher said the team had a good game plan, even though the defense looked ill-equipped to handle Wilson's read option plays.

"We just didn't make plays," Urlacher said. "We just didn't do enough to keep him in the pocket."

Urlacher was flagged for a second consecutive game for a horse collar tackle. Once again, the penalty was borderline, as he was tackling running back Leon Washington in the second quarter.

"They'll fine me, because that's what they do, and I'll appeal it," Urlacher said. "If it's even close, they throw the flag because they're really worried about payer safety on offense. It's very annoying to me. If it's close, they throw it.

"They don't give us [defenders] the benefit of the doubt."

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Had strong safety Major Wright held onto that interception at the end of the game the Bears would have probably won. If wide receiver Earl Bennett holds onto that deep bomb that was right in his hands earlier in the game, who knows, maybe it would have been a different game? Had Michael Bush held onto that screen pass on 3rd down that was within his grasp also earlier on, maybe things would have been different. Bottom line, the Chicago Bears as a team need to go into practice this week and work on pass catching, a basic fundamental in football. Them 3 players I named catch them passes, the Bears win this game and take over the NFC north, and with San Fran losing, would have the #2 seed in the NFC right now. CATCH THE BALL!!

Another problem I had yesterday was Mike Tice's play calling, why are you calling a delayed hand-off on 3rd and long? Why did you do it for TWO 3rd and longs in a row? Why? Its almost like giving up.

The good, Cutler was sharp, Brandon Marshall is still a beast tearing up the Seahawks big bad corners for over 150 yards receiving, the offensive line didn't look all that bad considering, and the Bears are still in the hunt, they MUST win their next 2 vs Minnesota and Green Bay although, another loss vs either the Vikes or the Pack and I think the season might be over. Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Lot of what ifs but the bottom line is still they didn't do enough to win. Why is it the Bears let rookie QB's look like Pro Bowlers? The age of the defense showed yesterday, clearly they were gassed. This is not a legit play-off caliber team. One time I do agree with Lovie on the play-calling on 4th and they blow it. That's the best push that line can get with about 2 feet to go? Cutler could have dove over center and picked that up. It still remains Lovie needs to go, does not appear he gets his players up to play and win when they need to win down the stretch. Another lost season with high hopes. Chances of them winning out or 3 of 4 is nil.

Couldn't agree more..

I agree with kevin Catch the ball wake up , tice is screw up he and lovie are smokeing somthing there calls are really bad! Instead of takeing the 3 he thinks and goes for frist ? With the o-line as they are? A priece of ;@&$0p

An old poet said something like: "Of all the ( comments? ) of mice and men, the saddest is ' what might have been.'" This was a depressing game. I was delighted to see the long pass to Marshall leading to an overtime, and then astounded to see the defense collapse. I've been a little suspicious about the defense , but then was convinced they were really good. Now i'm suspicious again. Of course, I remain optimistic and forecast victories the rest of the way, but seeing Minnesota beat Green Bay would have been sweet. Their quarterback blew the game by throwing interceptions in the red zone when clearly their running game could not be stopped. I hope Ponder is that bad against the Bears next week.

Golly gee Kevin, are you sure the loss isn't Cutler's fault again? After all, you went on a laughably misguided rant about how your hero Aaron Rodgers wins behind a bad offensive line and without a number one receiver like Brandon Marshall so, as you put it, Cutler should have "no excuses" now for winning games.

Can't blame Lovie and his "sit back and watch a rookie QB march down the field against us" defense. No sir, we can NEVER do that according to you because Lovie is the greatest coach ever.

Can't blame the offensive line and their lack of push in the run game. No, because as your wise remarks suggest, Rodgers succeeds behind a bad line so the offensive linemen for Cutler could consist of Garrett Wolfe at LT or Todd Collins at C and when the team loses who would be at fault? That's right, Cutler.

It's all on #6, right Kevin?

lovie smith and his cover 2 D HAS TO GO.Remember when you play a prevent defence you prevent your team from winning.

Oh so true,catch the DAMN ball. I also agree, the cover 2 D prevents you from winning the game. I think it is time for Smith to move on .

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