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Brian Urlacher rips fans, media for ripping Lovie Smith

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Brian Urlacher on Fox-32.jpgBears linebacker Brian Urlacher ripped Bears fans who booed the team during Sunday's 21-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers and said media critics calling for coach Lovie Smith to be fired don't know what they're talking about.

''Two of the people I don't care about: fans or media,'' Urlacher said in his weekly interview with Fox-32 sports anchor Lou Canellis on Sunday night. ''They can say what they want to about our head coach, about our players. It bothers me. They don't know what they're talking about. Lovie is the head coach of this football team and hopefully will be for a long time.''

Urlacher, who has not played the past two games because of a hamstring injury, sarcastically chided fans who booed the team off the field at halftime.

''Our crowd was pretty good for the most part,'' Urlacher said.''They were loud for a minute there, the boos were really loud, which is always nice. The only team in our division that gets booed at home is us. It's incredible to me.''

The Bears, who were 7-1 at mid-season, have lost five of their last six games to fall to 8-6. Even if they win their final two games at Arizona and Detroit, they still might miss the playoffs for the fourth time in the last five years. The Bears' average ticket cost is $110.91 according to Team Marking Report's Fan Cost Index. That's the fourth highest in the NFL.

The Bears are 79-63 in nine seasons under Lovie Smith, but dropped to 15-19 in the ''fourth quarter'' of each season.

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The good LB doesn't have to pay to watch him. His comments pretty much sum up whats wrong with Bears. Smith is not a great coach, he is in way over his head and needs to be replaced. He'd be a good defensive coach somewhere, but he isn't a good head coach. I've always believed Urlached overrated, and now he's showing us he's also not too smart about things. Remember, us old Bears fans have seen countless players come and go. One thing you don't do is rip the fans for wanting to field a good, competitive team with the coaching brainpower to win.

Good for Brian, I am glad he has an opinion and it does not bother me.
But let's all remember that this is an entertainment business and the coach must accept the responsibility for the outcome of his team. The outcome(s) against the Packers suck. His (Brian's) coach did not trust in his own offense on 4th and goal and sent in the kicking team. The coach gave up on his team and we as the fans saw that. Lovie does not have what it takes to be a head coach for the Chicago Bears. He has failed to live up to his own promise "to make beating Green Bay his first priority". No one is perfect, not even Lovie. It is time to move on. He can make my Christmas by resigning before the end of the season but his ego won't let him. His love for the money he is paid for a lack luster job probably has something to do with it. After all, they are all millionaires and us working stiffs should just keep paying and keep our mouths shut, right?

Hey Braniac Brian: It's two groups of people, not two people.

Did the owners of the Bears ever explain to Brian where they get the money to pay him? Doesn't care about the fans? The Bears are a business and we are the constomers, and the customers are not happy with the product. Most business' care about their customers.

Urlacher loves Lovie because his training camps are like a freaking country club and this team is weak and out of shape because of it. Lovie needs to go and Urlacher can follow him!! CLEAN HOUSE!

Agree 110 Percent. You said it perfect.

Brian Urlacher hasn't been relevant since the Bears had a defensive line where he could excel in. Ted Washington and Kieth Traylor being double teamed allowed for Urlacher to excel, but since their departure, what has he done? Other than being injured and benefiting from Lovie's Country Club, Nothing!

Ownership Holds On To 'Tradition' A Bit Too Long In This Organization. That Statement Now Applies To Both Coaches, And Players. Coach Smith's "Easy Going Style" Flat Out Proves He Has No Clue As To What's Going On Around Him.. And Now "The Face Of The Franchise" Talks Trash About The Fans Who Pay Him? Cut 'em Both Loose. Buffalo Would Provide A Great Stage, For Both Of Their Styles.

You don't want the fans to boo? Try beating the Packers for a change 1-8, are you kidding me? Try getting off the field and stop hoping for a turnover Mr. Bend don't break. That box in your living room is not a magic box that shows you the world. It's a TV, and all those stations are media networks, you should know this since you work for Xfinity. The two major sources of income for the nfl are TV and fans. You don't like either? Well your welcome for you millions of dollars and lavish lifestyle. I am sure you would have a great life if not for the nfl. I am sure Xfinity would have hired you "yes, no, yes, no" No more likely without the fans and media you would have no nfl and I am sure your life would have been great after HS working at the local gas and sip, telling people how you once had two picks in a HS football game.

Goodbye Brian, it's been great watching you do everything but WIN. You haven'e beaten the Packers since 2009? Time for Bill Cowher to come to Chi-town and shake this bag of excrement up. Thanks for playing!

Hey Urlacher, guess who's paying for yours and the other underachievers salaries?
The fans meathead. Time for you to move on with your pal Lovie to some other team and let those fans put up with your mediocrity. You're not that great not to mention a crybaby who can't take honest criticism. This team sucks, not sure what games you are watching. Bear fans deserve better than this.

Brian has had a few too many knocks on the noggin. He is clueless. Da Bears do suck.

Urlacher may get to the hall of Fame, but he no Butkus or Singletary. They had a lot more heart and desire to win. Butkus and Singletary were not blocked constantly. Urlacher couldn't get off a block made by my mother.

As for his opinion of Lovie shows why he shouldn't make the hall.He accepts losing, Winners just refuse to accept losing year after year. I would like to see how well Lovies defense would be if he could only spend 50% of the salary on the defense. Instead the offense gets short changed every year,

Lovie is downright lousy at overvaluation talent or developing players. Name one player under Lovie that was developed into a pro bowl player. None, because he won't hire a decent position coach or coordinator. Any good coach or COORDINATOR WON'T WORK FOR LOVIE.

That's it. Urlacher and the whole team do not care about the fans. Because they know, they can play every Sunday like pansies, and still collect their millions on Monday.

Time to dump the trash. It is late for Management to make their move, but wasting millions of millions on players who are poorly developed and coached makes the owners of this team the worst business people in the NFL. When you invest in something you must have a savvy, forward thinking company leader. Lovie is clueless, you can see him always looking at the scoreboard. It seems like he has brain damage and can't figure out what city he is in.
Urlacher has been finished for sometime and has been a charity case who bullied his way to his last contract. It has been shameful how this team once, so great, has fallen to the depths of such mediocrity.
New coaches will go a long way, of course Toub would be the keeper. I planned many things on Sundays because of the stench of defeat from this team. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between Gary, Indiana and Chicago on Bears football days.

Hey fellow fans, lighten up. This is still our team and it is not over. I understand your frustrations. I have been a Bear fan all of my life and I have lived out of town the last 17 years, I still go to the sports bar every Sunday to see the games on Direct-TV. What if they turn it around? What if the fans were consistently loud in the stands. As Chicago sports fans we have become complacent! What happened to the Sack-O-Meter that we had at games in 1985? If we had the Sack-O-Meter back it would encourage our defense to get more SACKS! Love You All; Hang in there!

The guy is an idiot.
Most overated linebacker ever!
Bring on a new coach, and trade up for Manti, so Urlacher can leave too.

Yeah sure ...

meanwhile, that bald d 00che bag sits on the bench (AGAIN) collecting paychecks -
and criticizing the fans that PAY him.

cut this clown - for being useless to us he sure has a big mouth.

Bill Cowher will not solve the Bears problems.

He had support from the best ownership and GM in football. He had hall of fame-caliber assistants, and STILL HAD TO BE HANDED THE SUPERBOWL AGAINST SEATTLE.


Your comment is a joke. Cowher would have been run out of Pittsburgh if they hadn't won that Superbowl.

The Bears defense is playing okay. The offense is the problem. It's not Jay Cutler, it's that offensive line, coordinator, and lack of depth at receiver. They also don't have a tight-end who can catch the football.

If the Bears want to win, they should keep Marinelli and his crew intact - and bring in John Gruden. He ran the WC offense that is similar to what Cutler and Marshall had in Denver. Gruden is familiar with Marinelli's system from his time in Tampa and he holds all players accountable. And unlike Cowher, Grudn actually put TWO TEAMS in the Superbowl in the same season.

This is an offensive league. Defensive-minded head coaches are at a disadvantage because of the rules, and they tend to neglect the offense (see Rex Ryan). The Bears need to keep their defense intact for the next 2-3 seasons and bring in a true offensive-minded coach and coordinator that can maximize the talent.

Most importantly, the Bears need to re-build that offensive line.

It is causing about 75% of the problems on offense.

I have been a bears fan my whole life. I for one support Urlacher on his loyalty to his coach and the team. Im just as upset at the losing as any good bears fan. I agree that changes must come. I think he was just upset about not playing, watching his team loose and his head coach under fire. But lets not throw the guy under the bus. Remember when the bears were terrible in the early 2000's? Who was the one guy who got people excited about bear football? Urlacher , thats who. How many times have we seen highlights of him making the big play. Isnt he tied with Butkus for most interceptions by a bear linebacker? The guy is 34 years old and has been busting his butt on the field for years. As for the comments about trayler and washington, what did they do after Chicago?. As for singletary, didnt he have some guys named Dan Hampton, Steve Mcmichael and Richard Dent playing in front of him? And oh yeah he couldnt cover the pass (Miami game) and I love the guy. Butkus was great but played on some terrible teams also. So lets cool down and cut him some slack. Just because we pay money doesnt mean he cant have an opinion. Also lets not forget the mans quite charity work. Wasnt he back the next week when his mom died? Didnt he finish a first half of football after breaking his wrist in the first series of a game. How many ham injuries has he had? Yes it sounded bad, no im not offended and yes I agree we need some change bad. If your going to blast some one, try the owner. Poppa bear never wanted his son in law to take over, now we see why. The eighties bears and coaching staff were put in by Poppa's guys, Mckaskey ran them all out. Cower isnt a fix all , assuming he even wants the job. So lets not act like Eagles fans.

Time for someone to review this season with Brian. The failure is the fault of everyone and everything that is CHICAGO BEARS ORGANIZATION. I think its time to ride softtly into the night. Sick and tired of these cry babies blaming everyone else but themself! Marshall shows some emotion and takes responsibilty...and gets disciplined, What?

I suppose the fans have the inalienable right to boo teams, players and officials, but I am not convinced that it accomplishes anything positive.

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